• A Quick and Dirty Newsreel - 4.21.2016

    And now for a quick and dirty Renegade Newsreel - *and there was much rejoicing*.

    Upcoming Live Streams
    The Long Island crew have been VERY busy scheduling fun and exciting live streams just for you to listen right here on 

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  • it started off innocent enough. we will simply tell our children that they didn't lose, the race was unfair and didn't take their "uniqueness" into account.   we can't celebrate winning anymore because it may hurt those who didn't win
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  • i tried to watch it. i really did. i wanted to see if FINALLY adults could go a few minutes w/o acting like children or forum bullies just sitting and waiting to say SCREW FACTS I'M GETTING A SHOT IN!!!!
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  • in response to the FBI caling out Apple and once again demanding NOT that they retrieve informarmation from a cell phone, but that they "backdoor" security just for them i can only say "hell to the no". i mean, really.
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