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2023 DFW Tribute Band Award Show – Results

recently the platinum music complex conducted their own awards show for the DFW tribute scene. i was following along on facebook and having a great time tossing names out. while started out indie / original music 23+ years ago, like many things in time we morphed.

we still support indie music, but in fact; we support all music. one thing we found over these 23+ years is regardless of the type of music it all shares one goal. to make us feel.

good, bad, numb; yea, all that. it makes us laugh and cry. in the end that’s all we’re caring about here. the great music that does this for all of us whether indie, country, tribute or those songs we write in our heads and can’t get out.

when i saw the list of winners i had so much pride for so many friends. in particular, the johnsons because that’s how i started doing tribute photography. lord gas monkey live was such an amazing venue. since then, they’ve become family as much of the tribute scene in general has. so many great people putting on shows for us all.

for reasons i won’t get into, i wasn’t able to make this event and that hurt some. but it didn’t stop me from finding my friends who won to let them know how happy i am for them. the shows are fun, the music carries their own memories, and you get to spend time with others who feel the same.

i’m including some of the pictures of those who won recently. over the years i’ve come to know many but from looking at the list, i got more people to meet. more music to hear.

more good times ahead!

the winners – lets congratulate them all for an incredible year!

Category Winner
Cover Band:  Metal Shop
Metal Band Kill Em All
Rock Band In Halen
Country Band Blake Nation
Pop Band 1999
Promoter Ric Hare
Most Like Original Rise Against the Machine
Live Production Def Leggend
Drummer Terry Ranson
Guitarist Tommy Katona
Bassist Carlos Silva
Keyboardist Glenn Johnson
Photographer Thomas Moore
Upcoming Star Monkey Business
Supporting Venue Fat Daddys
Engineer Brian Szarek
Female Singer Kristy Johnson
Male Singer Donavan Duke
Female Performer Adrian Valhalla
Male Performer JC Scars
Icon Back in Black

photos – (thomas moore photo credit to royce bishop)