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Greetings ghosties!  Welcome to the Haunted Texas and Beyond Podcast page, brought to you by Austin Ghost Tours and RenegadeRadio.net!  This podcast explores the paranormal realm and investigates ghostly stories throughout the great State of Texas.

A bit later, you will hear from Austin Ghost Tours founder and owner, Jeanine Plumer about how all of this started.  In the meantime, you will have to deal with episode summaries, shameless plugs, and a brief listing of the crew written by the Jem-Jem.

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Next up, the crew!
Jeanine Plumer, the podcast host, owner and founder of Austin Ghost Tours
Dennis Foley, audio engineer
Gail Gillum, Intuitive/Empath
Jemini, RenegadeRadio.net DJ, writer, and producer of this podcast
Special thanks to Iceberg, owner of the great website you are looking at now for letting us host Haunted Texas and Beyond Podcast on RenegadeRadio.net!

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for: episode summaries!!  We begin with a four part series entitled Military Ghosts.

More episodes and extra content will be added to this page so check back often!

Episode 10: Pioneer Farms Investigations Part 1
Austin Ghost Tours was invited out to Pioneer Farms to conduct paranormal investigation tours throughout the month of October 2019. Since then, we have captured a ton of stories and evidence while conducting these investigations.  Here is part one of the ghostly evidence captured.  Special thanks to Pioneer Farms for having us out and allowing us to conduct these investigations! If you would like to participate in a PF paranormal investigation, sign up for a tour here – https://www.pioneerfarms.org/paranormal.

Episode 9: Stories from the Ancient City of Pompeii, Italy
With Covid-19 continuing to disrupt daily life around the world, our host Jeanine Plumer noticed that there were so many tour guides whose livelihoods were placed on hold.  Italy in particular has been crippled for months by this virus.  Wanting to help, Jeanine reached out to local tour guides in Italy and invited them to tell their stories to audiences on Austin Ghost Tours virtual platform.  On this episode of Haunted Texas and Beyond, Jeanine has a virtual chat with archaeologist and local tour guide Dr. Roberto Musio about one of the most visited archaeological sites in the world: Pompeii, Italy.  In the midst of the conversation, the other side showed up for comment.  Let’s see if you can hear the EVP in the conversation!

Episode 8: An Interview From Ireland
As Covid-19 continues to take its toll on human life and the world economy, our host Jeanine Plumer noticed that there were so many tour guides around the world who’s livelihoods were placed on hold. Deciding she needed to do something, Jeanine reached out to local tour guides and invited them to tell their favorite stories to audiences on Austin Ghost Tours virtual tour platform. One of the places she reached out to was Dublin, Ireland where we will hear from local tour guide Fiona Dalton.

Episode 7: Emily’s Story
Since the stay at home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic have taken place, Austin Ghost Tours decided to start doing virtual tours.  The first tour was led by long time AGT tour guide John Maverick. In the midst of his tour, a thunderstorm emerged.  Let’s just say that some of the spirits he was talking about starting coming to life!  The other side really took a liking to a story John loves to tell about the Museum of the Weird and a little girl many like to call Emily.  If you would like your own ghostly experience, sign up for a virtual tour at AustinGhostTours.com and check out the other episodes on this page.

Episode 6: Feline Phenomenon
Join our host Jeanine Plumer as she chats with tour guide director Alexandra White for some purrfectly good ghost stories from the Washington, D.C. area!

Episode 5: The Lady In White
In 2019, Jeanine decided to write a ghost tour outside of downtown Austin, focusing on her own neighborhood in southwest Austin.  In the midst of her research, she discovered that in 1922, twin tornadoes devastated downtown Austin and surrounding neighborhoods.  As the tornadoes moved to rural farmland in southwest Austin, one rural residence took a direct hit.  Six of the twelve casualties from those deadly tornadoes originated from this SW Austin residence.  Jeanine kept thinking about the family who lost so much that tragic day and how sometime a sudden death can at times keep a spirit around.  One morning she went onto Next Door, and saw a post asking if anyone knew of a ghost around Convict Hill Road.  The response to said question lead to an intriguing paranormal investigation.  Listen closely, as you just might hear the ghost!

MG part 1: Interview with an Empath
Part one of this four part series entitled Interview with an Empath, started out as a simple interview with an empath or an intuitive named Gail Gillum.  It’s an insightful interview asking what it’s like to be an intuitive, when she knew she had these abilities, and how people reacted once she came forward with her abilities.  Gail also tells several ghost stories, one of which involved a trip to a cemetery.  After that interview, some very strange things happened to Gail and our host, Jeanine Plumer.  To find out what happened, check out the other three episodes of this series.

MG Part 2: A Paranormal Investigation
Part two of this four part series entitled A Paranormal Investigation, reveals the very strange things that happened after the initial interview.  As the crew gathered to record these stories, a thunderstorm rolled in that seemed to wake the other side up!  It was almost as if someone or several entities from the other side wanted to join in on the conversation!  Listen carefully as you may hear some voices from the other side!

MG Part 3: Audio Evidence from the Beyond
Once the thunderstorm cleared the area and the podcast recording for that episode was finished, Audio Engineer Dennis Foley and RenegadeRadio.net’s Jemini reviewed their recordings.  What we discovered was that we were certainly not alone during that recording!  Part three of this series, Audio Evidence from the Beyond is a collection of the class A EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) that were discovered during audio review.

MG Part 4: The Original American Sniper
As Jeanine was researching for this podcast, she learned of the original American sniper, Carlos Hathcock.  As she was watching a full interview with Mr. Hathcock on YouTube, a thunderstorm rolled in.  Given what happened the last time a thunderstorm rolled in and we were talking about other strange events and American heroes, she decided to record the ambient noise in the room while the interview was playing.  She didn’t just record noises of this world but the other side as well!  The fourth and final part of the Military Ghosts series, The Original American Sniper, reveals what Jeanine captured on her recorder during that thunderstorm.