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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

The Dust Coda – London, England

What The Dust Coda says about themselves:

Founded in the melodic prowess of Adam Mackie (lead guitar) and John Drake (vocals, rhythm guitar) and completed by the richly rugged groove of Scott Miller (drums) and Tony Ho (bass guitar), London rockers The Dust Coda have thundered into the New Wave of Classic Rock scene with enticingly unforgettable riffs, gravel-soaked vocal soul and sheer swagger.

Sleek yet hard-hitting rock ‘n’ roll rooted in blues soul, The Dust Coda clutch the echoes of rock ‘n’ roll’s most beloved household names, from the pure, raw poetry of Led Zeppelin to the nasty muscle of Guns N’ Roses, and bring them kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Now, I just got done making this band my latest icepick; or my way of saying “keep an eye on these guys, it’s greatness”. But it simply wasn’t enough. The range they show while staying true to style puts them ahead of most bands today. I won’t double down and do a complete review all over again (but I could) so I’ll simply show off a few more videos, introduce the full band and let you know where to find them.

Then off to go listen to more of their music.


The Band

John Drake – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Adam Mackie – Lead Guitar
Scott Miller – Drums
Tony Ho – Bass Guitar


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