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Violet Janine – Sweden

Violet Janine is a band we got to know from a few runs on Reverb Nation. Trolling for bands, I suppose. While we got some good music out of that effort, finding this band was the crown jewel.

The music is a touch of 80s hair metal, straight ahead rock, but a whole lot of soul you simply feel in Janine’s vocals. The names that come in and out of their music and videos is impressive with performances including Pontus Snibb and then Black Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin.

Falling in Love with Violet Janine was simply an “icepick” in the early years. I loved the music, saw the potential, and called it. However for whatever reason that post has become one of the most popular on this site.

These days, the band is pioneering a new style of performance with doing home based VIP sessions. Having released 3 songs from this live set so far, it’s one of the few things I look forward to with anticipation on facebook.

Find them on the internet for yourself and see for yourself why they’ve earned a place in the Renegade “Hall of Fame”.


Band Members
Janine Nyman
Basse Blyberg
Daniel Palmqvist
Ian Brunnberg
Mano Lewys
Tony Weseth

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