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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Blacktop Mojo – Palestine, TX

What can I say about Blacktop Mojo I’ve not already said time and time again? We’ve got several reviews, no other band has more photo galleries than I have of these guys, and I still can’t stop talking about them.

They’re simply that good.

My first experience with Blacktop Mojo was to see them at a small distillery in Ft Worth TX. I must admit I had higher expectations of the venue itself. Not that it was bad, mind you. Not at all. It just wasn’t a “venue” where we had the lighting to pull off great video.

That said, I shouted out “Underneath” when it came to requests and the band re-tuned everything. A few times actually. Then set off doing this for I found out during the performance was the first time they ever did that song live.

Since then, the song has become a favorite of many fans old and new. The watch count for our video did what happens to everything BTM touches – went up. People are interested. They feel the energy as the band performs.

The best part of it all is the guys never once take it for granted. They truly appreciate each day of “living the dream”. Give them a listen and check out the other Blacktop Mojo articles we have here, including “an evening with” Matt James, if you’re new to the band. It’s a great place to start your own Blacktop Mojo adventure.


Band Members
Matt James- Vocals
Nathan Gillis – Drums
Ryan Kiefer – Lead Guitar
Matt Curtis – Bass
Chuck Wepfer – Guitar

Blacktop Mojo at KEGL Freakers Ball 2019


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