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Getting Out When This is Over

At this point I swear to god Netflix only has 2 movies under 4000 names and they all look the same. Amazon Prime for some reason I’ve just not reached out to in order to pass the time.  Add them to the list but most days are kinda zombie like.

Get up. Check
Got Toilet Paper. Check (maybe)
Phone still work? Check
Life still sucks? Check

I suppose this is life under a global pandemic. I don’t think we’d be having this big a problem if we were in any other time. However, we’re in the middle of a perfect storm. We blame everyone for everything but ourselves for nothing. We lead off with hate and follow up with fuck off.

We’re lucky if we end it at “fuck off” anymore.

So yea, Covid-19. While I’ll never be able to see or say that without Dexys Midnight Runners going through my head; a lot goes through your head these days. I’m one of the fortunate ones who can work from home and order Uber. Other than investments tanking and working from home now my life really hasn’t changed.

Other than getting out for a great show from time to time. Strap on the camera and get after it! However, life is literally on pause for us all and no one seems to know what the play button even looks like. I swear to god 90% of my friends who I’ve never seen talk about hand washing before are suddenly pandemic experts and every facebook post is a guilt trip.


You get an unfollow! You get an unfollow! You get an unfollow!!!!

Not unfriend, but i need to filter that out right now. We all react in our own way and I suppose that is my way. Some people tell the world what to do and others like me just avoid the world. Same as I did last week. Last month. Last year. Pretty much since 1992 and girls shifted from stilettos to combat boots. BAD IDEA.

But I digress.

We all want out. We all want this over and to have toilet paper be in full stock once more. Hell I’ll even be glad to get back to the office on a regular basis. Most of all, I’ll be glad to get back out on occasion and see some bands I love play live. I thought I’d talk about a few of them and why I target these shows to look forward to when we find that freakin PLAY button again.

Blacktop Mojo. Right down the street. Lava Cantina with Wayland and Hinder. Great stage, great lights; it was certainly a pinch me dream comes true event I so wanted to see. Now while I have zero idea of where they’ll be starting up when … when … when life does whatever it’s going to do next but anywhere in a tri-state area, I’m in.

Even it Up / Burning Sky Band. I don’t feel at home often or in many places, but these 2 bands have simply opened their arms and I was a part of the family from my very first smart ass comment. It probably helps there’s some crossover here. They let me takes pictures of them from day 1 at Gas Monkey Live (see gallery) and many more times at Lava Cantina. Soon as they are in a tri-state area, this little groupie is gonna go see ’em again.

Alice Cooper / Tesla / Lita Ford. I was so pimping hard for a photo pass for this show. Never seen Alice Cooper, not seen Tesla since no I’m not telling you when, and I just love shooting Patrick Kennison with Lita Ford. The venue was great, bands phenomenal, and I really wanted to see what I can do with the photography.

Joey C Jones at Canton Hall with Kings X. After 20 years Joey and I finally got up on stage and sang together. Honestly a highlight of highlights for all that I have ever done in the Dallas scene. I was going to rehearse with the band and once again join him on stage at a national venue. Holy shit, right? I’ll be the dude staring at the lyrics on my hand to make sure I don’t screw it up!

There are a lot of bands I can’t wait to see when we get to whatever the other side of this is going to be. I have ever faith music will not only see us through but welcome everyone back as we dust off and HOPEFULLY help each other back into the swing of things with more patience, peace and understanding than we went in.

That and those assholes who took all the toilet paper has bad karma for awhile.

But one more band that has always been special and here from the start of Renegade; Monkeyshyne. First time I ever sang on stage with with these guys and they were family ever since. Would you believe they even asked me to do it again? More than once??? Ok, I likely asked a time or two also. On stage at Firewater with Melt With You mixed into High was another holy shit that was me memory. Guys, when this is over, we need a post-pandemic reunion at Lava Cantina. Maybe open for Even it Up.  🙂 I’d love one more time with Monkeyshyne.

Anyway – what bands and events are you looking forward to in the post apocalyptic world?


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