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meet the new renegade radio

a renegade radio joomla. that’s how all this started i suppose.

for the longest time joomla was the basis for i simply wasn’t interested in wordpress because it was for blogging and that was about it. i chose joomla so many years ago and spent a ton on themes, plug ins, components and the like. in the meantime, wordpress was changing.

i’ve gotten a lot better at wordpress in building some demo sites for friends. in doing that, i saw an easier way to build pages, add customizations and to be honest, a prettier looking site. what put me over the top was that joomla is just running out of steam.

or maybe it was me.

either way it was getting harder and harder to easily do things in joomla. after building a dentist site of all things, i found out how easy it can be in wordpress. get a good template that includes functions to get the job done and you’re off and running. in this case, i simply leveraged the existing dentist template.

it worked. so i paid plethora for a second license and now we have a new home.

now whether it was running out of steam or me, it didn’t matter as the site was taken down 4 times in a 2 week period. it was all well and good til i lost the LEGACY article and i said ENOUGH. i found the article in my browsers cache and put it back but after seeing we got hacked through a security issue in the blogging system, and now blogging is a big part of what we do, i decided to stop paying for what wordpress does naturally and updates are free and make the move.

kick the tires and know that i’ll continue tweaking the new renegade in the coming days/weeks. it’s our new home. posts ported over, counts restored as best we could.  a fresh look on articles are all here and ready to roll.

e-mail me and let me know what you think; i’d love to hear from you!



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