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Dallas band Legacy, Icepick for May

Local Dallas band Legacy has wrapped up their studio chores recently and has presented the world with an official full release entitled “One” and after a full listen or two dozen, the quality shows throughout on this release and it’s certainly “one” to add to your collection. In all, this album to me just feels like a home I knew in yesterday; and that is an incredible feeling when it comes to music.

The band is full of talented musicians that gel together in a common goal of power metal, energetic riffs and a feeling of new nostalgia so needed in today’s scene. Brett Inman on vocals, Scott Sereboff on guitars, vocals, and keyboards; Chris Siggins guitars and vocals, Craig Cowsert on bass, also providing vocals and then the legendary Kenny Sizelove on drums.

Opening up with an instrumental in the title cut “One”, Legacy sets the stage for one of the more powerful songs on this release in “Shutting Down”. The power and mix between yesterday and today is there, alive and well. We then rage on through Stand in Line, Room Without a View and Into the Night, with Into the Night starting off with Sizelove setting the tone on drums and then a power rock feeling washes over you as the band comes in one by one keeping things moving in the best ways possible.

There’s so much more to like on this release and to be honest, I can list all of the tracks for the music, quality of production, arrangements and just damn good, straight ahead power metal that will pull you in time and time again.

There are no weak links in this chain of rock. None. If you listen to Frontiers artists in general this should be one of their top bands out today. If this were late 80s they’d be selling shows out along with the lines of Queensryche, Judas Priest and the rest of the power metal bands of the time. This is a talented group deserving of a lot more love and attention. Give ‘em 5 minutes and I promise you’ll be going back for more and after 2-3 songs, you’ll become their newest fan.

That’s when you know you got it right and Legacy with One, most certainly got it right.


photos from a gas monkey live show


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