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icepicks january – the temperance movement reviewed


white bear by the temperance movement – someone say capture the 70s?

the younger crowd will simply fall for a good sound. the older crowd will be taken back to yesterday when music was a touch raw, had an edge that pulled you into feeling and in a way, set you free from whatever it was you were doing just minutes before that song started.

in this case get yourself free is kinda where i ripped off that quote.  🙂

there is a sense of honesty that other bands have tried to pull off over the years but can’t always get away with for one reason or another. in this case the temperance movement captures just about everything in the time machine they went after.

song after song this band manages to keep the solid feel and tone but each song also brings a new element to the table. magnify is just a feel good song that will pull you in with some simple yet nice riffs that will pull you in and have your head bouncing to the tune in no time flat.  hit rewind a few times and you’ll be airdrumming as the pace picks up and people in the next car will look over and want some of what your having.

turn it up and share.

there’s 2 more of note from this white bear release and that goes to time won’t leave, just an introspective song that’s great to pop a cold one, light a fat one, and just chill to the passing of the day with some great music making today tomorrows great memory.

log in my favorite from this release, a pleasant place i feel, and you have the makings of classics coming back to life and giving rock and roll a chance. a bit of a headtrip, a distant memory you can’t quite remember, and just getting lost in the feeling this song provides. while you can’t go back to the 70s you can certainly remember those times fondly with relaxation of choice and some great music.

right nowt he band is on tour in france and from what i understand in the bands i’ve talked to, europe is a happening place for music. with bands like this you can bet the crowds here stateside will be coming back to see good old fashioned brand new rock and roll.

Members Phil Campbell
Paul Sayer
Nick Fyffe
Matt White


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