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Gin Annie takes our Icepick for August

Last month while simply surfing on Amazon, I came across several bands “by suggestion” to check out. Gin Annie caught my attention from the very first song. Every song after that just kept the rock and roll coming with a “fuck yea” inserted in appropriate places by me.

Billed as a hard rock band out of the UK, all I can say about that billing is they left off “phenomenal” rock band out of the UK.

Usually I feel I come in late to some bands, but 100% Proof hit the shelves in Jan 2019. Fallin and Chains preceded the release but found on the entire 10 song debut. Right out of the gate Gin Annie is straight ahead energy.

Driving guitars, loud production to match the bands energy and vocals that seal the deal; Gin Annie is a complete package. In fact there isn’t much slowing down on this release. Love Ain’t Here sets the tone and actually gives you a glimpse of a few songs to come. Buckle up.

Chains seems to borrow a bit of a “southern” vibe in tone and feel. No energy drop here, we just shift styles and keep the rock rolling.

The intro guitars for the next 3 songs all change things up. New Bad Habit, Next 2 Me and closing out this trilogy with some Sammy Hagar feel in Damage, I know I certainly feel right at home in Gin Annie’s’ music so far.

I start to not even miss the eventual “slowdown” that most albums of these have; but just start. When people can rock this hard, the slow stuff can hit every bit as harder but here i am 2 songs left so I roll the dice in Haunt Me.

Just damn.

Haunt Me is everything you could ever want in a change of pace, slow song. Not a ballad, more introspective, very relatable; Haunt Me is certainly going to haunt you. You kept me waiting guys, but you delivered.

In fact, Gin Annie delivers across the board. No weak links on 100% Proof and influences abound from a very healthy rock and roll history they took advantage of.

And wouldn’t you know it, the guys have (3) more singles out and I’m racking up some frequent shopper points on Amazon adding these to my collection to play on Renegade Radio.

Make sure you check out Gin Annie out of the UK and just rock out to some straight ahead no holds barred rock and roll. Looks like other areas of the world are back to doing live shows and Gin Annie will be working with the legendary Hardline soon. Grab a ticket and have a great time!

The Band:
Dave Foster (vocals)
Byron Garbett  (guitar/vocals)
Brian Green (guitar/vocals)
Phill ‘Hammer’ Burrows (bass)
Carlos Marin – (drums)




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