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Small Town Titans, The Ride Releases Nov 13th

ain’t much denying that the new release from small town titans, the ride, starts off strong and powerful. “rufflin feathers” doesn’t give you a single second to catch your breath and the band just dives right in with the grunge rock scream. they certainly lay it all out there hard and heavy to start “the ride”.

lets go ahead and call it. small town titans is my icepick for november with all the earmarks to become a favorite of your own as well.

now, once they lay that first song down, don’t think you’re gonna come up for much air in the second. small town titans continue on strong with the man. The beauty here is that while another strong song, it has a life and style of its own.

and by song 3 i’ve got a smile on my face a mile wide. the power continues but told in yet another manner and style. small town titans has the diversity of power spread about for the first 3 songs and takes you on 3 different rides that each have you pulled into the show.

let me breathe, oddly enough, gives you that chance to catch your breathe. this time however in a soulful reflective manner showing the “softer side of power”.

as per my usual self, i simply refuse to review each and every song on a release. all i want to do is get you interested enough to go onto your own trail of discovery. in the end, point you in a solid direction that in my mind will reward you with some new music certainly worth the journey. that said, every release seems to have one song that i gravitate to. if you know me at all by now, you know it is usually the slower songs that pull me in.

9 to 5. while i could offer up my own mental visionary details of what i hear, i won’t. music to me is personal. i rarely want how i view something this introspective to influence how you see it. like many things in life, we’re likely to get to the same place in the end. it’s simply a matter of the roads we choose.

you want some in your face grunge rock, we got it. you want some blues mixed in? covered. you wanna slow down and simply get lost in someone elses story for awhile, ah yea. small town titans is here for you. or they will be november 13th of 2020 when “the ride” drops and becomes available to all. for now you can check them out on a video for the first song rufflin feathers below. i’ll also include their joint effort with texas legend and blacktop mojo frontman, matt james.

check ’em out and take “the ride” for a spin when released on nov 13. i think you’re gonna dig this one.


the band
Phil Freeman – Vocals/Bass
Ben Guiles – Guitar
Jonny Ross – Drums




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