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the walking dead – season whatever

one of the things i pondered so carefully when we left last season in the cliffhanger we did was just how many “real life” people would die before they ever knew who negan killed. i had it all figured out.

x amount of population
x amount of is a % of fans of the show
x amount of people die yearly
x amount of fans that would likely die…

you get the picture. but the number i came up with was pretty impressive. the “cliffhanger” resolution maybe wasn’t exactly what they were looking for as i can see now that it really did 2 things.

alienated many fans who thought it was *too* violent
set a tone it can’t match again – and should never want to.

negan came into the scene with a flair that may not come around again. he flat stole that hour of tv and made it his bitch. since then, however, not so much. he’s become very 1 dimensional and what i can’t figure out now that will bug me is why doesn’t someone else just kill him? plain as day to see he’s only got followers cause they follow. don’t care who. so i think carl may be the one to step up and take care of business.

which leads me to pointless point #2. i can understand how you “find things” on the road. i can. people get crazy and load up whatever they can get their hands on and/or have a “bug out bag” for just such an occasion. what i can’t figure out is how not 1, but (2) pairs of rollerskates were deemed important enough to get away from zombies with. maybe at first on a level surface but hit a rock and you go diving and getting up in skates?


or if you have to now run through the field cause they’re blocking the road. OH MY GOD that would be funnier than rick and daryl chasing jesus in a benny hill skit.

but seriously, who is going to pick up (2) pairs of skates and who the hell has a backback both will fit in?

at this point carol has been outed as always playing the victim until she can kill you by king jamica, rick is taking sexual references to a whole new level and NOT in a good way, michonne can’t shoot a gun, still, and maggie has taken over hilltop and put her farming equipment knowledge to good use.

i just can’t help but feel what started out so … strong … has now slipped into average and confusion again. negan had the depth of a runway model and the rest are just waiting for the next twist in the storyline.

or a moped in a duffel bag or something.

meh. i’ll keep watching but most of the magic is gone from the first few seasons and now it’s just rinse n repeat in a different location with a bigger asshole. oh well, gotta end the week somehow, right?



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