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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

the latest artist to win the coveted “icepick” award is dead sara. emily armstrongs vocals i can promise you will not be forgotten and will pull you in. kinda like a demi moore with powerlungs cranked up to 11. she just has that undeniable edge, making you fall in love with the sound and emotion.

while they do have a new song out, i’m simply going to run out to youtube and listen to a dead sara mix. don’t worry, we’ll be back to the new stuff. i just wanna reminisce for a bit. in no particular order, let youtube guide me; sennheisers on, lets do this.

weatherman. ok music gods. good call. there was a time in my life i had this much energy. for now the best i can do is hold on and let whatever happen, happen.  instantly the guitars pull you in and you know a freight train is on the tracks with you. did i mention HOLD ON?

pretty sure i did.

there’s enough energy in this dead sara to power most 3rd world countries.

back to youtube roulette and we land on lemon scent.  not a song title that would normally pull you in but hey – we’re in random mode. once again you’re bouncing off the walls of your own world and the vocals of armstrong take things to a whole new level as styles change, and change, and change.

in just one song.

spinning the wheel we land on mona lisa and baby i can feel the blues about to pull me in. what amazes me as i keep doing this is the variety you get in each and every song. far too many bands today have a hard time making their 2nd song sound different from the 1st. dead sara gives you 16 emotions, 3 musical styles, and 7 shades of empathy on the way to the chorus.

and the bass here is making my sennheisers very happy.

ok – last random video before dive into the new song and the gods are watching over me again. i really needed to catch my breath. as if google heard me once again from 3 browsers away, sorry for it all comes on and we do in fact slow down.

even slowing down the power is obvious. vocals, guitars, and well, the song. a whole lot being said here in sorry for it all. it feels 60s classic with a touch of janis joplin back there nodding her head. this one is going to haunt my personal playlist for many years to come.

and now – hands up.

yea, we’re back to 11 and the energy  is raining down like a hurricane. dead sara has been one of the more consistent bands over the years. if you’re new to the band, congratulations. you’ve got some amazing surfing ahead of you. if you love the raw power of rock and roll making zero pretenses, you’re as home as i am.

now get to that surfing i was talking about and hear the rest of their music.





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