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icepicks for july – throwin some hollowstar at you

it happens. that amazing time you find a new band in your life like hollowstar. you hear the 1st note, then as each new instrument comes in, and then the song builds and god damn it, it happens. you find yourself just lost and moving with the song. you’re suddenly playing the best air guitar in your life and you’re not even a minute into “take it all”.

suddenly the vocals you imagined come in and you struck musical gold.

i love it when that happens.

but that’s just song 1. any band can get a song right, right? can they do it again. and again. and again. and no i’m not going to keep typing “and again” i think you get the point.

by now you should know i simply don’t talk about all the songs. i pick a handful, talk about the sound and weather or not they got a song or two right, or more. much much more sometimes.

at song 3 i’m still getting the energy but it does change. the tone may slow up a bit but not the energy. invincible. yea, you’ll get some airtime.
you get a curve ball sound in the best of ways and you get a funk change of page. very nice touch.

all i gotta say starts off surreal and has the feel of the classics from the 60s and 70s all the way through it with a touch of today.

in many ways that sums up their overall sound to me. pulling memories from that era and making it their own. it’s not all bell bottoms and peace signs no, it’s today’s version of that time.

the best things i love about music from the late 60s and early 60s is the honesty of it. at that time music was for the emotional state of mind. not a dance floor; not arena rock, but an emotional time maybe in search of that honesty. bands like hollowstar are the 2nd coming of that time as we rewind in order to move forward. rock will be just fine, thank you very much.

let hollowstar happen to you.


the band:
joe bonson – vocals/ bass
phil hains – guitar / backing vocals
tom collett – guitar
jack bonson – drums

the music:



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