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Daughtry - Dearly Beloved

there’s always a sense of power when i listen to daughtry. a natural vibrato of pure emotion that pulls you in and makes you part of an overall experience. the man seems to be able to whisper with the power of a scream when he sings. and the emotion within. oh lord, that emotional transfer when you get lost in the vocals.

i never paid attention to american idol, only heard of this new rock star that emerged from it. no need to retell his history, a website bio on does that so very well. from his amazing self titled debut album in 2006 to today, daughtry has stayed on focus to his original roots. couple that with the musical growth along the way, we arrive to 2021 and “dearly beloved” is released.

heavy is the crown was the first release and as normal with this artist, he simply picks up where he left off. then again, it could have been lioness. in any event, the entire release of “dearly beloved” mixes in more of what you love from daughtry.  im not sure if you’d call the style “harder” rock, but it most certainly is rock at the soul. you won’t see a lot of mosh pits moshing to his music, but you’ll sure feel the internal emotions running rampant as you listen to each and every song.

heavy is the crown on the harder side of his style, lioness that powerful introspection i know so well.

being the sucker for this style of music in general, daughtry has become one of my personal favorite musicians. couple that with being into the slow songs that tell a story, the last song hits home with break into my heart.

Been numb so long, I just wanna feel something
I used to be so strong, how did I forget?
Has the world gone cold, have I lost my soul? Feels just like forever
Oh, and all I felt was nothing
I just wanna feel something

maybe it’s because when i write, i write like this. or at least wish i could, ya know? but daughtry has always been an instant “aw hell” when i hear that voice. in fact, on the masked singer, he didn’t get 2 notes into “someone you loved” before i knew.

i just knew. ya know?

how the hell does no judge know this voice? they’re all fired; but that’s a story for another time.

cry for help and call you mine both will stay with me for quite awhile. the rest, as usual for me, i’ll let you go discover on your own. the “discovery” is the most fun, even if you’re already at home with the artist.

in the end this is another solid performance from daughtry. you’ve got a great mix of toned down and highly energetic and everything in between. he’s coming to dallas next month and i may have to go for a photo pass for this one. may not get it, but hey, i just might. til then, check him out on spotify, here on renegaderadio of course, and everywhere else playing bad ass rock and roll music.




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