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icepicks december, hell or highwater


i wish you were here for days like these
but you saw all the world gave you to see
somtimes life just slips away
so shed a tear for the dead
remember the legacy they left
for the time we have left 
remember the life and not the death

i had a lot already written and so close to saying everything i had to say about the band. then this song came on, “remember the life and not the death” and given how this year has taken a toll on our own musical heros and our own personal losses that can never be replaced, everything about this song just made me fall in love with music and my own memories all over again.

you see at times i do think *no one* is out there writing the next batch of classics. but in honesty those who are still out there making music you KNOW it’s all about love and passion around the art because the money sure isn’t what it used to be.

but the songs, well they can in fact remain the same, just new. all over again. 🙂 yea. we’ve found some of the next batch of classics to be sure.

i first started listening to hell or highwater as i was building our next rotation and was flipping through folders looking for new music to add and i pulled this folder out, put 2-3 songs into the rotation and kept on listening. one of my new tricks however is to copy the entire library for rotation to an sdcard and listen for days in my own car. if i get tired of it then it shouldn’t be in there. 🙂

like quint told brody in jaws “we’re gonna need a bigger rotation” cause 2-3 songs won’t do for this band. 

“rock waters edge” is the first song to make me go “holy shit? is this a brand new yesterday”? this being a term i use to describe something that feels so “70s” or so in nature in every good way you could imagine. if i *had* to compare – um…marshall tucker bands bus crashes into daughtrys garage? even this just isn’t it. it’s clean, it’s got an edge, the lyrics will pull you in and the progressions will keep you moving.

there are not enough artists out there putting this type of thought into the music on the whole, at least as it relates to me anyway.

ok – a bit about said band. we’re talking brandon saller here. help? drummer and melodic vocalist for metal band atreyu. the credibility is there but the talent so much more so. atreyu was always on the harder side for me and while i’d listen, i’d not relate.

i relate oh so well with this sound, this feeling. this form of expression. 

i’d love to talk about more of the music from the (2) releases you can pick up on itunes, but to be honest, each new one i hear keeps my attention for far too long as i rewind and listen again to see what i missed from the last time. let me drop off a few videos for you and leave some links. there are very few 10’s i’ve ever given a release but so far, so 10. this is why renegade does what renegade does cause every person out there at least needs to listen once. 

the music will take it from there.

hell or highwater – check ’em out.

YES they do have an official video – so here ya go. now go friend the band and spread the word. 🙂



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