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icepicks – november; saint asonia

ok – in before the 15th so i’m ahead of the game! sorry about missing my show last thursday but the flu was busy taking my ass out. i’ve coughed up a lot more than i’ve eaten so i do believe im on the road to recovery and today i actually have the energy to make gross analogies in my opening statements again.


now – enough of me. while listening to our own stream i sometimes find bands all over again. while wondering who to tell you about this month i came across saint asonia and fell in love with the lyrics instantly.

“Now I’m leaving Minnesota
Would have been nice to have seen ya
In the middle of self-realization you’ve lost me along the way”

so much said there so simply and so melodically. it hit and i could relate. 

now – getting onto their self titled release Saint Asonia, you’ll find a great mix of melodic and edgier (is that a word) tones, you will find yourself bouncing along with the music in no time with songs like “fairy tale” and “better place” will just have you rockin wherever you are. “better place” certainly deserves a “call out” cause the mix of the song itself allows you to even “air bass” with pride. these days we seem all to willing to shove the bass player back as soon as they get noticed so it’s good to hear the focus here on the overall mix.

waste my time – talk about a change of pace. at some point in the album you’re going to be doing damage to your steering wheel just from playing along with the band and with “waste my time” the band pulls you back from the edge of expensive repair bills, but seriously – wonderful job guys. once again i find myself getting lost in the tone and the story being told and once again, i can relate.

“now you sing to me and i still don’t believe that you wanna waste your time with me.”

covering all bases yet again, “trying to catch up with the world” changes directions yet again in tone, feel and mix. the constants so far are the outstanding lyrics and story told coupled with arrangements that makes music proud.

you don’t listen to music like this, you experience it. you find your own life in the lyrics and get pulled into the song in a manner that can only be described as an experience.

and finally, i’m back to the one that make me go listen so much more carefully to the rest of this release and hey – this is what you’ll find on – an experience.

check these guys out. i’ll jumpstart you with a few videos, but seriously – go get experienced. tell ’em iceberg sent ya.


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