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icepicks october – love and a .38

Rock and Roll.

I can try to make this a fancy review. I can even try to get “cute” with clever phrases and words found in a lot of reviews. But i’m going to take a cue from Love and a .38 and just come out and say it.

Rock and Fucking Roll.

There isn’t much complex about this band and that would certainly seem intentional and to me making me grateful. You see, they don’t get cute, they don’t try and “show off” they just bring it, this rock and roll.

Don’t believe me?

Now, do I lie???

Simply put, I love it. Ryan Hudson has a no nonsense attitude and the presence that just commands attention as he “owns” it. The rest of the band make up this quartet with Clark Skelton on Drums, Justin Emord slappin the Bass and Domo Domaracki taking over on guitars. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – This is rock and roll. I’ve lived through the early years of it, I was there in the 80s when it all got fucked up and I’m here now watching it live on despite people saying it’s dead.

This rock and roll.

the song that caught my attention here and i learned the words for quickly was one that i still have no freaking idea what the title of it is. Don’t care really cause I just hit rewind and listen to it again.

this one.  🙂

Check out Love and a .38 and lose yourself and pure and simple rock and roll done so very well.

Love and a .38 on ReverbNation.