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icepicks for september – stone and moxie and the influence

first up – STONE

formed in 2010, this band out of philadelphia is certainly one to keep an eye on. Somewhere along the line a song has a way of getting personal. New song, new band, but out of the blue it’s 1970-something and it just got real. When listening to STONEs song “you made a promise” it just felt like a brand new yesterday. A touch raw, very emotional, you know. Personal. Certainly looking forward to more from these guys and guys, if you have a facebook page let me know! not found one anywhere but that’s ok – you can check them out here – STONE.


Vocals, Guitar / Johnny Jupiter
Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals / Rob Zucchi
Bass, Vocals / Joe Bello
Lead Guitar, Vocals / Larry Campanella 
Drums, Percussion / Bob DuAime

moxie and the influence

out of california and rocking since 13, this 4 piece band is already making their mark and being heard from award nomination to rocklahoma this year. from soft sounds to hard rocking, they’ve got it all covered and at current, i’m hard pressed to find a “favorite” because once i think i do, i finally move onto the next song and a battle in my heart begins. given my fixation on slower soulful songs, so far “piece of my heart” is in the lead cause rest assured, these young ladies have certainly taken a piece of my heart – but the put a ton of great music back in it – thank you moxie and the influence!


Moxy Anne – Vocals | Sydney Ellen – Guitar | Shea Hamilton – Bass | Alexey Poblete – Drums



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