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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

icepicks – Grimm Jack, Random Dogs & Rainchild

Grimm Jack out of New York has been on Renegade off and on over the years. If you’ve heard the London Quire boys or Englands The Answser, you’ve got an idea of this simple sound with a melodic edge focused on roughing it up some around the vocals. They came back to us via Reverb Nations promotions we’re now running and of course, we’ll see what they’ve got new and keep some Grimm Jack in the stream at all times. Kinda mandatory Grimm Jack, you see.

Check ‘em out!

There’s a lot of things that come to mind when I think of Israel. Most of them political and not much fun but one of the last things I think of would be rock and roll. Good thing they don’t share my history and lack of knowledge of their country because again – coming to us from Reverb Nation you have Random Dogs. This is a great example of what we’re so stubborn in what we do to provide an outlet for bands they simply don’t have in many other places. WE HUNT DOWN THIS ROCK AND PLAY IT!

wrapping up the reverb nation triple shot of icepicks is texas band Rainchild. Just setting a filter and surfing around the site, I was able to pick up enough Texas bands for a complete Texas Icehouse and this was certainly one I’ve come back to and would like more music for our station. Guys? If you wanna know why I want more music – I’ll let the music do the talking here.

that’s all for this month – we’ll be digging through more reverb nation to keep finding these bands and doing our job to get them to you – so check out the stream, check out the bands, and keep spreading the sound.