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icepicks for july


from reviews to simply playing these guys week in and week out (and still never getting tired of ANYTHING to this point), shamans harvest has gone from someone who got my attention, like many bands, a few years ago but in their release running around the internet now, Smokin Hearts & Broken Guns, they’re certainly taking their game to the next level. if you want to hear more, they’re easy enough to find on the web, but every thurs i’m almost bound to play something from their intro hit “dragonfly” to their cover “dirty diana” but for now, you’ll get to jam out to some In Chains.

still around, still the same, but the same ways always consistently good. saliva is out there putting out his same brand of music he’s done since…well since he began really. whether he can be painfully consistent or delightfully deja vu, saliva is back and if you liked the last one, you’ll like this one. you can, despite my raging sarcasm at times, find me in those who find his music comforting, like a memory i don’t want to let go of, but new just the same. but when i heard his new song “Unshatter Me” yea, i had to go and get the entire release. yes, the sound is familiar but that’s what i like about him. next time he comes through dallas, i’m there.

it was awhile back – i’m pretty sure they were my drinking days, but i found a band called “the answer” that i got into my “icepicks” segment with Jeff Duran out of Los Angeles. I’ve been following the band here and there and getting what they put out as they have a sound that is certainly distinctive yet, easy to follow. this is the way rock and roll used to be and i wish more and more would catch onto straight ahead music. in any event, check ’em out and you’ll find out for yourself, “the answer” is right there in front of you.  🙂 for now, let’s check out this live performance and i’ll leave it to you to listen to the rest they have to offer.