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icepicks for may – thrilldriver


While we do have a submissions folder for new music, our recent shift to more nationals coupled with the flood of country, hip hop, rap, and at times what amounts to drunk old men on an older acoustic guitar singing to you in your facebook e-mail, I’ve been thinking maybe it’s time to move away from this and find another way find new music. At this point I believe we’re up to 7gb of “music” that scares me more than entertains. You have to wonder if the people who bother to find our submissions address even bother to listen to see what we play and if they’re a match.

Then one day you are sent something in your private inbox, then facebook, then submissions and you stop and go “wow, these people are kinda serious” and from reading their mail you can tell they did their homework and you hold out a bit of hope that this time, this time you’ll get that song you’ve been wading through the rest to find.

It’s a good day when that happens and I have to be honest, yesterday was a DAMN GOOD day!

“All the Kids” is a new video/song from New York based band, Thrilldriver, which sets a pretty high bar for energy in everything from the music, to the video, to certainly to the power vocals of Zoe Friedman fronting this up and coming band. I’ll get to the new song here in a bit but first, let me back up to their previously released EP Sacha where I was able to locate videos for songs Madeline and Vicious. The videos alone are not what you’d expect from a newer band and do a fantastic job of introducing you to the bands sound.

Madeline is just one that’s got my finger on repeat and I can’t stop listening to it. When Zoe goes into the tail end of the chorus I swear she’s both singing and doing backup vibrato vocals all at once and while I used to think that would be physically impossible I have to rethink my thoughts here and just dig her sound that’s both a touch familiar and something new all at once. Again quite the trick but this band seems like they have a lot loaded up and ready to roll with and I’m only 3 videos 3 songs in and so far.

The only thing I hate about their EP is that there’s only 5 songs on it. Listening again to Madeline I console myself in these 5 as each shows another side of the band in style, direction, and composition that leaves you ready for the new release that is coming out soon.

Which brings us to All the Kids, my original introduction to this talented band. Again something new but certainly in their customized familiar style, and from their introduction e-mail, to their doing their homework on us here at Renegade to us finding out just how “ready” this band is for the next level, Thrilldriver brings it! We’ve hit a time in this industry when you really must be self-produced to be noticed and this band comes across professional, ready to roll, and with a singer in Zoe who knows how to own the stage with a band that knows how to back the attitude up.

We’re now talking with Thrilldriver about having them on one of our showcases and that means, we broadcast those live and we’ll be able to do more to help show off the talent this band has. Check them out on facebook and their videos and get in line behind me for their new full TEN SONG RELEASE (still not enough) this summer and keep on listening to Renegade. We just found a great new sound that fits in so well to the Renegade rotation.


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