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Icepicks for June – Bad Moon Born


The good thing about working with a lot of passionate people in this business is people get to know what you like and usually even why. So when the twisted one slides me a “you’ll dig this” I tend to pay attention. Recently he introduced me to another Australian band called Bad Moon Born and their EP Chemical Lullabies.

Holy hell this was a “hold the presses” moment as I copied the music to our server and got them into the rotation that very day. Let me explain, this is rare for me. I collect music and about once a month I’ll get the new music out there and sure, I’m glad to break my stride when the music calls for it and as you can see, Bad Moon Born calls for it.

Hitting up their facebook page, they compare themselves to Guns n Roses, Audioslave, Alter Bridge and Avenged Sevenfold. If these are their influences that’s some lofty company but they still manage to come out on their own and I hear a solid “old soul” feel to the music moreso than the collective influences.

Maybe this is what you do when a wide variety of influences comes together, this Bad Moon Born. You take the best of what you hear and make it your own.

Beauty and Fury is a statement song from the band, setting the bar high for the talents and music that will be coming from this band only formed in 2015. The arrangments are gently brought together in a tale told by singer Frank with a melodic voice that brings you into the words and gets you singing along in no time at all.

For only 5 songs the band does an amazing job setting the tone for not only their sound, but the range and styles they will hit within said style. You want melodic, it’s there. You want some driving guitars and pained vocals intentionally straining to tell you something and arrangements that drive the story behind the song so very well.

There’s 4 others songs on here and I’m going let you discover them for yourself. if you consider yourself a connoisseur of up and coming music and you’ve not added Bad Moon Born to your library, you’re slipping. Fix that now and for the rest of us I still encourage you to hit them up and get the EP for yourself and let’s make sure these guys get round 2 out the door soon.

Sydney Australia Based Band – Bad Moon Born

Band Members
Frank – Vocals
Voya- Guitar
Ned – Guitar
Nick – Bass
John – Drums