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The Twisted One Returns


I’ve been working with now for a bit over 9 years now, in one form or another. I Originally started out Wednesday afternoons back in the summer of 2007, as I was working a 3rd shift job and that seemed like primetime for me.. “Grave Disorder” it was called. Had a decent run, but then had to step away for personal reasons (Because, Life happens.)
Came back and started again 12-25-2009. Decided to take over Friday nights. Had another good run, Got to do some really kickass interviews (Including Dommin, Acey Slade, Ville Valo, Rudi Protrudi of The Fuzztones), and then once again had to step away because..Life happened.

Then 2013 happened, and I was ready to start doing the show again – Except I wanted to kind of bring something bigger to the table. Ran friday nights again for a few weeks, then on Feb 28th, 2014 everything changed. I Simulcasted my very first show here on Long Island. Craving Strange’s CD release for “A Life Exceptional”. That night was insane – Revel 9, Jacknife Stiletto, Midnight Mob and Pedestrian Knock Down were also on that bill. 

That’s when I realized we had something special. We were doing something that, hell, nobody else on Long Island was interested in doing. Obviously I immediately dove in, started simulcasting left and right – Either at KJ Farrell’s in Bellmore, NY – the late, great Evenflow in Bayshore, Revolution in Amityvlle, The Hub in Island Park.. We’d go anywhere, broadcast anywhere, and I didn’t care. There was a whole pool of awesome bands and artists that we were going to tell the world about. Juggling simulcasts and doing my regular show was a bit of a task that, I honestly just couldn’t keep up with. I put “Grave Disorder” on the back burner once again, and decided to push on with the Live shows, and put more focus on building our team and back end functions.

Fast forward – god knows how many simulcasts and our 10th Successful Showcase in the books – And Now it’s time to come back to the airwaves with a bit of purpose. That being said, I feel it’s appropriate to (pun intended) Bury the Grave Disorder brand completely. It’s done Me well over the years, without a doubt, but seeing as I actually have a reason to start doing the show again (And actually avoid Burnout) – We’re going to go with a new title. 

SFT Radio. What’s it stand for? Use Your imagination!

The Twisted One is back, folks – while I may never have really gone away – You can be sure that I’m not going anywhere. I’ve put too much of my heart into turning Renegade into something that I’ll hope You’d be inclined to pay attention to, to simply just walk away because of Green pastures.
We’re not #1. We don’t need to be. Music is our focus, The Independent Artist is our Focus. Helping bring artists new fans is what we do – And There’s no better feeling than playing a song for someone for the first time and having them say “This is fucking Awesome”. That is my drive.
Personally, I’ll rather go see the band who is playing to a crowd of 5 people but makes amazing music than the band who brags about how many records they sell (Who maybe has 1 good song). I can guarantee you, People will eventually remember that one song, and will forget that band’s name. However, they will never forget how they were introduced to the Amazing band.
I look at it this way, If I cared about being The top dog, I wouldn’t still be doing what I’m doing. I care about getting the music out there to people that want to fall in love with something they’ve never heard.  If that’s 5 people, 100 people, 10,000 people, It makes no difference. It only takes one song to change your life. 

I’ve heard enough w/Renegade over the years that have changed mine – And I’m finding more every single day that will keep me doing this.



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