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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

JIBE – Epic Tales of Human Nature


This is tough one for me. When I first started Renegade Radio, everything was new and everyone was “the next big thing”. We spent a few years kinda watching the scene and learning all we could about the best local talent and who the ones “on the verge” were.  11 years ago that was JIBE. If you were in a band the last thing you wanted at this time was to have to play a local show the same night they did cause almost everyone went to JIBE. Hell you probably wanted to go see them too.

But again, that was 11 years ago.

I’ve changed since then. Certainly the band has or they’d not be back together after their well-publicized breakup those 11 years ago. A decade is a long time and even more so these days as time catches us and our styles, moods and at times, memories change. The industry itself is a shell of its former self and in many ways, a brand new world. Can all these changes produce yesterday’s results? As the bands well known single says, Yesterdays gone, Tomorrow never knows, today will never be the same again.

Amazing how much of a prophet we can be at times.

I must admit it took me a bit to write this review. I didn’t know what to expect going from that young (younger than now anyway) and new person in the area to my own decade plus of experiences in the Dallas metroplex music scene and in this time I have become a lot more critical. A LOT at times. Would I expect who they were or allow some room to grow themselves? 11 years is a long time away and like the line goes “nothing gold can stay”.

While very true, it is still gold nonetheless.

In the end I followed my own path of not digging deeply into the past and simply talking about JIBE 2017 and JIBE 2017 is in fact still gold.

The video for We’ve Only Just Begun has been making the rounds and introduces you back into the high energy/power sound you do remember so fondly. You’ll find the JIBE sounds in all of the songs and nostalgia will wash over you in a strange wonderful sense of brand new déjà vu.

Early favorites include Bravery. For me this is one that is easy to get lost into where the world just fades a bit and you become a part of the song itself, learning the words one by one and backing up time and again to make sure you’re getting them right. But the smooth and telling vocals of Joe Grah come out strong while the band backs him up with their usual flair and everyone getting a chance to shine.

Change is another one that’s easy to fall into. Great melodies, excellent progressions only time and experience can build and these traits are common in all the songs through the release. Don’t Give it All Away lets the bass shine early on so of course, I’m hooked.

Throw in some surprises like Sanctuary and A Shadow in the Garden and you’ll smile as you hear how wonderful the changes have become.

You’re going to find a lot of personal favorites on this release as JIBE shows that time won’t change the heart nor the passion, just the point of view. Don’t expect what you used to know, just expect JIBE and you’ll fall in love all over again, just like before. They’ll be packing Gas Monkey Live July 8th to launch this CD and it promises to be the show of the year! Get your tickets while you can and save up all the energy you can.

JIBE is back.

Joe Grah vocals
Toby Bittenbender guitar
Ben Jeffries drums
Corey Tatro bass



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