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Disturbed – Evolution

Legendary rock/metal powerhouse Disturbed has pushed out yet another release with Evolution now available. Tours are already planned and they will be selling out the biggest arenas available such as American Airlines Center in Dallas. (wonder if I can get a photo pass!). It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was moshing to them in Grand Prairie, TX; but it most certainly was and I’m pretty sure I won’t be doing that again.  Near as I can figure it was likely the “Indestructible” tour in 2008.

Disturbed broke into the scene with “The Sickness” asking millions if they were down with it. The sickness that is. This was 18 years ago and my oh my how the band has grown since the start back in 2000.

Evolution starts off with the traditional *power vocals* of David Draiman asking “Are You Ready”? If you’re into the harder side of Disturbed they got you covered right off the bat. Followed up with No More the energy keeps flowing.

Suddenly, like a worn our Forest Gump meme, just like that things slowed down. It seems their success from The Sound of Silence” cover has opened up what was to a degree held back on previous releases. This would be the “quieter side” of Draimans vocals. Rest assured they are there in almost every release to date, they were more background noise than a focus on his powerful range regardless of style.  “A Reason to Fight” will hit many in much the same way as the cover that has garnered over 444 MILLION views on youtube.

The entire release is a roller coaster ride of emotions. Evolution is 14 songs that pick you up and make you feel like you have enough energy to power a small village while taking the time to slow down and make you feel all alone. Each song is capable of standing on its own, telling its own story along the way. To me the biggest surprise is that the “anger” seems to be gone from past releases and the melodic side has grown up in the most fascinating of ways.

Hold onto Memories is another departure of “old school” Disturbed. There is a positive message of doing the best you can with the time you have while holding onto the memories that propelled you into your own future and destiny.

It does seem with any new release worth any emotional input at all comes out with at least 1 song that I just can’t stop playing. This is very true for Disturbed’s new release “Evolution”. While they rehash “The Sound of Silence” and milk that extraordinary hit for all they can, the breathtaking song and video are still a part of the past and nothing “new” on this release.

The song that takes the day for me is the last song on the release that I’ve played about 5-6 times over already in my first run through; Uninvited Guest. The song itself tells the tale of an ex love that simply can’t be forgotten; staying in his head and heart like an “Uninvited Guest”.

Certainly there will be tough competition for your own favorite song on this amazing release. The emotional journey is one you’ll take time and time again, gravitating to your own personal favorites that will soon take up space next to your favorite Disturbed hits from the last 18 years.

The American Airlines Center may need a 2nd night to cover the crowds that should come out and see this band live. While it will be hard to top the memories I have from the Grand Prairie show, I’ll just consider these “different” memories but incredible in their own right.

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