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why i watch movies, sports and entertaining things

the real world can suck at times. these days for sure. the world seems hellbent on destroying itself and at times, it’s hard to find fault in that idea. this last election took a huge toll on us all as a society and culture and regardless of who won, a good 1/2 the people who are emotionally tied to the results, lost.

that’s a lot of losing to get over. not happening very gracefully either. now i could google some of my own examples of the world gone mad but we all have our own examples. rioting since the left lost the election and showing them obama bumper stickers of “we won, get over it” doesn’t seem to be as funny to them now as it was 8 years ago.

but it does signal the “in your face” attitude that needs to get the hell out of dodge.

we also have this huge “you don’t agree with me so you’re xyz bad label of the day and NO ONE wants to be THAT!!!”

arguing the merits of a point are gone. shame and defame is the game.

shit, sorry all. i really didn’t mean to go for a triple whine.

it’s no wonder people are scared of trump as president. for what, 6+ months we were told by the DNC and media that Trump would go into office and start launching nuclear bombs due to ego. Or that he would hate on the LGBT crowd and now that he’s in office no one bothers to show him flying a rainbow flag saying “gay marriage has been ruled on, move on”.

whoah – but how can someone so anit-gay take such a stance? did he lie? did she lie? did together they lie and we chose to defend our side vs. call our own side on the lies?

i hate it when we do that. when lies become acceptable when you don’t like someone, or even more when you do. but this revenge factor is deep. when one side loses it’s GAME ON to get back in power, not GAME ON to fix this country.

the world is in a state of flux these days. brexit has changed the EU forever and talk of globalization is dying and we’re watching the chaos ensue. economies are a toss up now with our own change of power. we went diving into the abyss and left career politics behind but what can never be left behind are the social issues we all do in fact face.

we have however have “normalized the extreme” along the way. we’ve taken isolated incidents and treat them as if they are normal. i could go on with examples but no. you either know what i mean and can relate or you don’t. but trying to explain this would likely be an argument to many and i don’t want to go there.

that’s not why people come to this site, i hope. to hear hate and or argue. i hope people come here to listen to music and from time to time see what we have to rant about. while we can yes be opinionated at times, we have facebook comments on – feel free to engage in *respectful* conversation at ANY TIME AT ALL and we will respond, in kind.

and we’ll be glad you took the time to check us out and listen to the music we love so much. but while yes i go on my rants at times i do realize this should be kept to a minimum cause again – music.

the core of why we are here. people come here to get AWAY from opinions being driven into them like solar radiation in a depleted ozone layer. (can’t they fix that now?)

now if only more entertainers and athletes and the like would understand that this is not why they mean so much to us. even when they agree with our own politics, do you go to metalica cause of their stance on roe vs wade? 

do you watch kaepernick play football because he knows just WHEN to kneel? well this may be true cause you don’t likely watch him cause he can play football.

commedian wanda sykes was recently boo’d off stage because she came out ranting and raving about trump winning the election and how can we elect a “insert bag of names here” as president!”

well, we did. time will tell us if the run from tradition was wise or just a knee jerk reaction to over-liberalism as some say. and if you want to comment on it please, feel free. in fact if you’d like to read up on how i or others feel about politics, there’s a great little forum called “punndits” (now closed) where a good cross section of people have found their way to disagree, respectfully. 

and i’ll stop talking about it here cause i *do* realize this is a music site. we talk about the 80s with longing or wishing you where there. we talk about today being a lost industry and is rock and roll dead?

nah. changed a lot but never dead. and when i started this rant i *was* going to rag on all the entertainers and movie stars of the world for their over-use of position to push the things people go to them to get away from and i realized – isn’t that why people should come here?

so no feature story, just a berg rambling to help full up cyberspace a little bit more with some useless thoughts of a low grade celebrity with an impeccable taste in music. or so i like to think. 🙂

tough times ahead to be sure and this won’t be my last thoughts on the topic but i do keep them less-focused and as always, open to your thoughts also. would love to see some discussion on these articles not just here (hell please not here) but on the bands we talk about and bring to you as we find them.

we all get a little crazy these days. just remember to give others the room to move we ask for ourselves and things will work out. they always do in time.

til then, hit play, listen to some tunes, and comment this article and tell me about a band i need to check out.

can always use good music in my life. you can too, which is why you’re here. we go to places of entertainment to get away from places of politics and i need to remember that too.

and we thank you for that.


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