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Review: Wake Up Hate – Deep Sleep

Wake Up Hate came to me by way of Tag Publicity and the amazing artists they represent. In going through some requests for airplay usually a few will stick out and make me hit “rewind” a few times. I got the whole release of Deep Sleep for review so in this case, it is simply their sound that keeps me coming back for more. While positioned as “alternative rock” it just sounds good to me.

When getting something out of the blue, I like to flip through all the songs before really settling in with an opinion. With Wake Up Hate I certainly do this and I find a consistent difference in their songs. I have no idea if that’s an actual phrase cause I tend to make up things as I go. What I found is that in keeping their alternative sound, they keep the rock edge also. Consistent in sound; different in style.

I’ll go with that.

In the end there are several songs I’ll go back to and add to my personal playlist as well as into our rotation. One such song is Love Me Like a Hurricane. We start off melodic and change it up several times from there without losing the original feel. This one comes out on top as my favorite off of their release.

Now for the official release of Deep Sleep, we have Over the Edge and Ok, I’ll keep it honest. This is a great introduction to their style. They hit on many of their characteristics through this song and it’s easy to see why this is one being pushed by the band with a radio version. (we play the unedited one, thank you very much!) (no I won’t tell you the difference; you’ll have to tune into the icehouse and find out)

Wake Up Hate is out of Orlando and I do try to go there a few times a year to visit family. I’ll need to keep an eye on their schedule and if I can get a chance to see them live, I’ll certainly do it.

Wake Up Hate is comprised of vocalist Jake Adkins, guitarist Matt Browning and drummer Triston Blaize.

Make sure you hit their facebook page and give ‘em like.

Over the Edge

Love Me Like a Hurricane


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