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Who Wants to be KING???

we left the last round of vikings with this cry from ragnar who was both getting through having his brother whip his *** and detoxing from his drug induced loss in paris. to be fair, it was rolos time but ragnar was not ragnar and everyone knew it.

enter the new season. i think my only complaint is the “overmakeup” on floki and ragnar that made them look like they were wearing too much makeup, not gotten older. there, that’s said.

from here i’ll talk about the show so if you’ve not seen it yet, stop if you want. last warning. :)

you’d think my biggest fantasy would come true where lagertha finally lez’s out but this show was just a tease. funny how i thought she was just teaching someone to fight but ragnar, that old salty dog, he knew.

he knew. :)

it will be a bit to discover what has happened while MIA but we can see the relations with england are toast. rolo is likely learning french very well, the language also, and ragnars kids are growing up nicely for the most part and believe in share and share alike with women. the sharing goes into overdrive as the bonless one is ferried off to a magical mystery deflocking tour where the only thing he really discovers is mr happy doesn’t want to stand at attention.

so he must kill.

but wait, she talks him down so maybe he’s not the cradle hatchet killer after all. maybe.

ragnar did ask each of his kids to hit the sea with him except for the boneless one – and he made his own intentions very clear IF he were treated as equal.

what really brought things together and “reset” the tone was the heartfelt convo between ragnar and lagertha. long time coming to be sure and ragnar now knows defeat and misses the simple farming days he ran so hard from so long ago.

missed them to the point of doing something drastic with rope, a tree and some well placed crows but that plan, like france, also came crashing down around him.

in all – welcome back vikings. the kids are doing a good job of forming their own characters and why we should care about them and their story and that will bode well for the continuation of the show done so very well and so authentic.

except for the overuse of makeup. :)

i did record the documentary after vikings and will watch it when i get home from work tonight. from what i did see, i love how they go around the story to tell you as much of the reality as they can.


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