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Review – The Commoners; Restless

It was just over a year ago that I “discovered” The Commoners.  I was just minding my own music business and while surfing and heard a song that got my attention. Took a minute to listen. Then a few minutes. Next up, I was hitting “play that shit again” over and over. I wrote the review and declared them everyone’s new favorite band. Well, The Commoners are back with Restless.

I LOVE new music days! Well, from the good bands like these guys. I gave them a lot to live up to so let’s see how they did.

If you’re not familiar with The Commoners, welcome to the party, pal! They are a high energy band focused on straight ahead blues rock and roll. If you were alive in the 70s, you’ll feel at home quite often while jammin to their music. If you were NOT alive in the 70s, well, this is what it was like. Honest music, no gimmicks, musicians that play their music and you can swing as many dead cats as you want and never hit an auto-tune.

First up is “Devil Teasin’ Me” that was pre-released. You know, teasing you. Devils do that and I’m pretty sure that’s what makes them devils but I digress. I do that a lot so bear with me.

Fast paced and will get you moving, it’s certainly a great way to get the party started.

These things are important to me. I have to believe they’re important to all right-thinking people, but to each their own. The band references I can give you would be shades of black crows and that style of straight-ahead bar room rock and roll that gets you moving

Ok guys, you broke out the slow one faster this time. Lord knows I’m a sucker for the slower, introspective type songs.

The slower paced title cut Restless gets my attention from the first note. You get the full gambit of lyrics, storytelling, and music you simply get lost in here. A good song gets your attention. A great one takes you through the emotional cycles of a story with the music the perfect soundtrack.

Restless is a great song, to be sure. Rest assured you will “feel” this one.

There’s a lot of blues rock and roll to discover here. You’ll get up and dance. You’ll sit back and dream. You’ll find your own life mixed into the songs lyrics time and again. It’s just real. it’s you; it’s me. Its life told musically that feel it the way we all do. Us “commoners” so to speak.

The release winds down in the same manner as before. The slow songs bring you back down from the initial energy and now you’re thinking and going “yea, I’ve been there” song after song.

Too Soon to Know You is another one pre-released I loved from the start. The last one I’ll mention is the last song, in fact.

All That We Have. This is a light’s out stare at a cloud covered moon in the country. Here, you let the world fade as the song pulls you into long forgotten memories in your own life.

There’s a reason I look forward to a 2nd release from “my new favorite band”. You see, you don’t get that title cause I’m bored. You really became a top favorite band because your music just hits me in every way music should. It’s why we listen to music, ya know? Finding music to make new memories from that reflects who you are.

With Restless, The Commoners have produced music worthy of that title. Again. I’m still waiting for a Texas visit as that is my next big milestone for the guys. Live performance and a photopass really needs to happen soon. For the immediate future, the lucky ones are in the UK. If that’s where you are – get that ticket and let me know what I can look forward to. I don’t mind being jealous about this one.

Not at all. Buy your own copy here, or anywhere great music is sold, and support these guys.


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