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Review – Ghost Hounds, Roses are Black

It happens. Every once in a while it happens. When it does, it’s an amazing feeling. In this case I’m simply talking about a band, or a particular song, that takes you back and brings the life out of today all at once. You just feel good and dive into the music head first and sit back and see where this experience will take you. In the case of The Ghost Hounds new release, Roses are Black, it’s quite the amazing trip.

Til It’s Gone was my introduction to this amazing band and when “it happens” I tend to hit repeat until I’ve memorized every facet of the song and can sing along in spotless fashion. Well as long as I’m alone and nothing electronic in my home is recording what I do to hold it against me later, that is. There’s simply nothing at all pretentious about this band. Nothing. Nada. Zip. You like one song you’re going to like them all. You love one song, well then you’re going to go on the same amazing trip I did. Roses are Black finishes “the journey” I started months ago when Til it’s Gone found its way into my life.

If forced to put a style around it, Rock and Blues. There’s a crossover in that where you’ll certainly get the blues influences, but then they just rock out and let their music do the talking. You won’t find burning riffs on the guitars and for that, thank you! You will however find some incredible talent across the board with his band. The mix and final product is simply put, production done right. Hard to believe this band started 15 years ago. They certainly had their share of issues during this time you can read about here. I won’t go into it as their bio is pretty comprehensive.

So let me start off with Til it’s Gone and tell you all about it. I can hear a touch of so many genres of music, I hate to call any out. But I get a blues feeling of Marshall Tucker Band at times here and I start “Feeling” like the 70s when music was fun and just put you in a good mood without any real reason. Pretty much the best way to get there.

Now backing up to the first song, Bad News (Travels Fast). This is the “hit” I suppose off the release being upbeat, high energy, and something you’ll be singing in your mind for many months to come. Black Rose carries this on and then we slow down some with When Your Shadow Touches Mine. Not a ballad, thankfully, but emotionally chilling out a bit. Always a good change of pace when listening to a relase.

Oh my god. Talk about a band “nailing” a cover, their rendition of Devil Woman takes aim at the original and captures everything amazing about it. There is a bit of their own twist to it but suffice it to say, justice served to Cliff Richard.

Ok, back to tearing it up, rockin blues style. We Roll Hard reminds you this band has energy to spare. Push That Rock Up The Hill is certainly blues in focus and outcome.

Usually even on the trendy shorter Eps put out, you’ll find what can be considered a “throw away” song. With 11 new songs and 2 acoustic versions included, Roses are Black is one of the most solid releases of 2019 to be sure. While I would love to keep going on and on about songs like Skin in the Game, Second Time Around and more – I have a habit of wanting to leave you something to discover on your own. Pick up Roses are Black and make friends with Ghost Hounds on Facebook. Tell ‘em iceberg sent ya and he most certainly wants a photo pass next time they’re in Texas.

Ghost Hounds, welcome to my “favorite bands” list. You took a rare spot on that list and I thank you for the music. The music and that amazing feeling I get when listening to it. This is what it’s all about.


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