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SINGLES ONLY – Rough Dreams – “Six Sick Strings”

When I agreed to write this review, I fully intended to write a full, comprehensive breakdown for anyone unfamiliar with Rough Dreams. With one EP and this single under their belts, it’s more than obvious these dudes are prepared to be your next favorite band. Here’s the problem; I’m legitimately speechless. I’ve been sitting with this single for a week now, trying to find something to say beyond “OH MY GOD LISTEN TO THIS NOW!” but these motherfuckers had to go and write a line that has legitimately left me speechless. Everything you need to know about this song can be summed up in this one set of lyrics; “They say Heaven is a lonely place/Where the music sucks/And my friends Can’t get in/Hey St. Peter don’t you call my name/’Cause I’d rather raise Hell with the rest of them.”

From the first time I heard those lines, this song went from a song I was enjoying to an almost religious (no pun intended) experience where I just sat there, jaw dropped, wishing I could have ever come up with something that perfect. If you’re wanting to know what this band sounds like without clicking the play button, it sits somewhere between some of the best Jawbreaker songs in terms of lyrical wit and bite and the better Hot Water Music tracks in terms of overall sound, but that’s dumbing their music down to a degree that’s borderline insulting. Crack open a beer, press play, and tell everyone about your new favorite band.



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