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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Dustin Massey – Matter of Time

while mostly rock, we’re down for country when it rocks too. last night while out doing a random lens test at lava cantina here outside of dallas, i got a bonus in getting to see an incredible show with some definitely rocking country, dustin massey.

back on the aug 21st, this young man put out a new release titled “matter of time” and he played much of it last night. well, i think he did. never saw him til last night, now he’s in my collection and gonna get some air time.

where ever it came from however, i loved it.

i really wanted to focus on the photography and lens testing but dustin and the guys made that near impossible. it’s very easy to get into the music and become a part of the show. oh i got my testing in and some good shots; so happy with lens purchases; now back to the music.

i kept getting a vibe all night and did that mental search to where you say “what does this feel like”? blues? yep. some funk guitar, ah check. rockin country. ah hell, damn skippy. but i kept doing these “flashbacks” and saying “where”.

then it hit me. chris gaines.

the arrangement, vocal style at times, the “feel” made me feel the same. you either know that reference well or i lost you. so’k. i’ve done that to people before. at least, that’s the way i remember it.

to me this is a high compliment as i view that release not the best for that particular artist, but simply great mixture of many styles while keeping true to a core.

while i snagged this release off itunes, i also racked up some views on spotify to help that cause as well. “matter of time” is 10 songs, country core, many great influences and sounds.

i’ll pick out some of my favorites and yea, i gravitate to the slower stuff so “run” had me hitting rewind. well, more than once to be sure.  then we get to his video hit, pretty okay. easy to see why this is a hit as it’s everything a country song is supposed to be.

and a little bit more.

it didn’t take but a few of those rewinds before i could sing along on this one.

and i gotta throw some love to someday as this is some of that experimental funk that makes my previous reference complete. to me anyway.

to be sure a few of these songs are now in the live mix and i’ll be playing it often during the icehouse on friday nights. rock, country or somewhere in between, this is just good music anyone can appreciate.

my “icepicks” for september.  🙂