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December Icepick – The Dust Coda

Sometimes, it just happens. You find a song that makes you listen over and over again until you can sing along and air guitar perfectly. Yesterday I was going through new music and The Dust Coda caught my attention with Dream Alright.

The music felt like yesterday all over again, but new all at the same time. Whatever it was, it made me track down the band, get their 2 releases for my own collection, and see if they could continue this streak.

While a great song is amazing, the real victory is when you find a great band as well. Now I know The Dust Coda has a great song, now what? Before I go very far, to be that great band you need to develop a style and keep it without being monotone. Mix up the music without losing your sound. Does the singer match the style? Finally, does hearing one song make you want to hear another?

Not as easy as it seems. I guess that’s what makes these bands great.

Years ago a trend developed to sound like the late 60s and early 70s. Great target to be sure but if you don’t live it naturally you come off as a copy and interest is lighting fast as those bands fade.

Now, The Dust Coda certainly captures the feel of a more raw emotional time found in 60s/70s music. That said, they don’t copy it, they in fact live it.  I could certainly say i hear some of The Answer in here, Wolfmother if you listen closely, but in the end, I hear The Dust Coda.

Isn’t that what it’s all about? Finding all those styles and making them your own. They fit all the requirements above and their music backs up the talent within this band.

Their first self titled release was in 2017 with 11 tracks that laid down the foundation. Move to 2021 and their latest release, Mojo Skyline, has certainly built upon that groundwork.

The Dust Coda can slow you down and make you close your eyes and apply their music to your own life with songs such as Will I Ever See You Again to Mojo Skyline’s Limbo Man. All that and the song I heard first, Dream Alright. This band most certainly has it all.

They even take it 1 step further with a Blondie remake of Call Me they also make their own. Then if you keep digging, you’ll hear another side of the band with Early Days (Raw and Unplugged).

Check them out on Spotify, YouTube or their Facebook page. Of course, you can also check them out here as several songs are about to hit our new rotation.

Gonna stop now and create a Renegade Bio page and make them a featured artist as well. The Dust Coda is that good.


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