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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

House of Lords – New World-New Eyes

i swear to god it’s like brand new 80s music fell from the sky today. in trolling around spotify today, i fell into 80s/90s name recognition and saw house of lords. feeling a bit nostalgic, i clicked the link and went to reminisce a bit. wait…2020? as in last year’s 2020? ok, lets see what we got here.

now it’s been a while since i house of lorded it so i really had no idea what to expect. do they sound the same? did they “grow” and change everything? would the music from that time long ago still be their best ever?

the title track new world new eyes sets a pretty decent tone. same feeling, same vocals, same 80s memories i carry around like it was yesterday at times. before its all over with you’re going to find a gift from the band in some brand new 80s, and the very best of it.

holy shit, guys. this is amazing.

now i have a policy of never reviewing any release song by song, but rather pick out a few favorites and let you go discover on your own. won’t be easy this time and so far i’ve not found one i’d not love to talk about in a positive way. but this is worth you hearing on your own without any meaning to anyone else but you.

that said, i am going to call out a few along the way im finding my own meaning to.

one more is an instant classic to me. you’ve never heard it before but it feels so amazingly at home in my 80s memory bank. great riffs, catchy hook, and some of the best melodic rock i’ve heard in awhile.

now we do seem to be in a time when retro music become popular again but when the retro music goes for a retro feel, you get perfectly (just you and i). i get that night time feeling alone in hammock by the lake in the mountains of nowhere minding my own business kinda feeling with this song.

im sure you can relate.

chemical rush is another that has 80s roots with blended styles. what you’d really expect from a veteran band, to be honest.

and as much as i’d love to chime in on more songs, well that’s an adventure waiting for you to take on. i can only tell you it’s a hell of a ride. It’s everything you remember and a whole lot of something new. spotify surfing paid off and a quick trip to itunes snagged me this release and while im a year late, it’s some of the best i’ve heard in 2021. 2020 as well, if i really want to think about it.

the new house of lords, simply put, is like running into an old friend and finding out they’re doing very well.

very well, indeed.