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Around Dallas – The Local Music Scene

I can’t believe I’ve been taking pics of the local tribute bands in Dallas and have never really covered them more *here*. Every weekend there’s at least 2-3 great bands to go see. the venues are solid. many have great lighting for said pics. a few are exceptional such as lava cantina. photographically speaking, that is.

maybe i’ll do a venue review later; but not today.

so in staring at the site wondering “what’s next” for us, it dawned on me. cover what i love to do. shine a light on people who i’ve come to meet and call family. while we all hang out on facebook, there has to be something more, ya know?

today i’ve added this section and will kick it off with some photos and a quick review from last weekends 1999 Prince tribute show. next week i’ve got 2 shows (or more!) to go to and i’ll take pics and write up about the shows as well.

i’ve got some ideas on a few “an evening with” in depth reviews of some of these people and their own experiences in the works. many people go to these shows, have a good time and go home without ever getting to know the musicians themselves. i think we can change that.

so, let me stop this introduction here. needless to say “Around Dallas” is a placeholder of a title for now. All the names I come up with have been taken in the past and now I need to find a new name for this section.

and now – on with the show!