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Review – Honeymoon Suite – Alive

oh wow. suddenly im drifitng back in time and it’s 1984. honeymoon suite had just put out their debut album with their hit new girl now. 2 years later they topped that debut releasing the big prize with hits such as feel it again, bad attitude and my favorite, what does it take. in 1987, they owned the title cut from the hit movie with a song by the same name, lethal weapon. what does it take was even in the john cusack movie, one crazy summer. and now – 2024, the band releases Alive.

how will they stack up over 35 years later to such initial success? rest assured over the years more music came from this canadian band. good music. while i do have favorite songs from the band, i’ve never heard a song i just didn’t like. honeymoon suite has simply been a solid rock and roll band that seems to fly under the wire for some reason.

anyway, this is more a review of their latest effort, alive, than a history lesson. you can find great stuff on their wiki page for the history lessons. spend some time there while you listen to Alive – just seems to be the right thing to do.  🙂

so, give me a bit to run through this for the first time and i’ll be right back with my impressions.

ok, back. thanks for waiting.  first, my all time favorite song from the band is what does it take. the question then becomes, do i have a new favorite song? in short, no. in all fairness, that was at a time of my life where the music helped define it. growing up in college years when we were inundated with this style of music. what does it take simply rose to the top of my life at the time and will likely stay there.

that is a huge compliment to the band. it also certainly doesn’t prevent more great music from coming from them. of that the guys deliver. i won’t do a song by song breakdown. i simply love hearing each song new and letting my mind decide for itself what i think or feel. i’ll pick outa notable few that just got tossed into our rotation and let you find the rest.

while reading the wiki page!

of course, alive, the title cut is a great way to reintroduce the band. pretty much typifies the honeymoon suite sound. not afraid to fall speaks to me. melodic, as most of their music is, and you can easily relate to and get into the song.

love comes – wow. maybe i got room for a top 3 favorite honeymoon suite songs.

the last new song of note is doesn’t feel that way.  yea, im drifting to the slower songs but hey, that was my jam back in my college days also. a lot of growing up was done to honeymoon suite music. music of our youth simply gets put it in an untouchable place in our memories. i’ve grown up and so has johnnie dee and the band.

we all have.

so you’ll find the music has matured, to be sure. just something that happens in life, ya know. but its still the solid, no-nonsense rock and roll you remember. just new and ready to make new memories.  you can check out alive on spotify and get tour information off their own website. friend em up on facebook also!

the album did its job and if they tour anywhere near me, im in and begging for a photopass!

The Band –
Johnnie Dee
Derry Grehan
Dave Betts
Gary Lalonde
Peter Nunn