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Robert Jon and the Wreck – Guitar Sanctuary, McKinney TX

im still riding the high from this show last night. robert jon and the wreck became a personal favorite quite a while back when i found them on spotify. i raided itunes for the music and patiently waited for the tour to bring them back through dallas. fall of last year it was announced and as soon as tickets went on sale, i grabbed the front center table and waited.

the mix of songs ranged from their latest single, red moon rising to their perennial favorite, oh miss carolina. even some tom petty thrown in for good measure.

let me go ahead and introduce the band before we get too crazy here.

Robert Jon Burrison (lead vocals, guitar)
Andrew Espantman (drums, background vocals)
Henry James Schneekluth (lead guitar, background vocals)
Warren Murrel (bass)
Jake Abernathie (keyboards)

the vocals of robert jon fit the style perfectly. its rock. its blues. fusion, i think is the word tossed about sometimes. you can hear traces of marhsall tucker band as schneekluth flat destroys which ever guitar he decides to pick up. watching him play was simply an experience that won’t be forgotten. to take it up a notch, the entire band was on that level all night long.


one thing you can’t fake is “feeling” the music. each and every band member did just that for the entire set. every song, every note. they captured the audience at the guitar sanctuary in mckinney tx and held them until the last note was played.

to close out the show, the band simply tore up the stage with cold night. it was one hell of a jam that you didn’t want to end and at times, wondered if it would. its over 13 mintues long but i didn’t realize that til now as i listen to the live version on spotify.

i can’t say enough good things about robert jon and the wreck. from all their music to an amazing live performance to getting to hear their brand-new song red moon rising; it was simply an incredible night.

they are touring for the rest of the year through april in the US, mostly on the eastern half of the US. after a short break, the band will be breaking out their passports and heading to europe. if you want just a night of great music, see that tour schedule and find a show near you. drive a bit if you must.

but make sure you catch ’em live.



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