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Daughters of Evil – Destruction of the World

well, if i just do an album review, this will be quick. 2 songs from daughters of evil, destruction of the world, are currently released. flowers and raindrops. but before we get to the music, something like this will need a bit of an introduction.

let’s backup quite a bit and find yourself back in the mid 60s. only thing i personally recall at this point is being born, and not much of that. but you remember the time, look and feel; if you’re old enough. while i was growing up as we were growing out of this time, i can still say i was there to see things like the dating game.  lets make a deal. beach bash movies still were on the tv.

the dating game! lord how retro can we go?

well, how about a group of 60s girls consulting a spirit (ouija) board in order to get their band name. great, daughters of evil it is! and just when you think you’ve got enough to catapult you to success, it gets better. while the board did in fact give them their bitchin name, it also possessed them. some demon dude named beleth, a king of hell, decided to get into band management.

seems like a fair trade.

but this amazing combination caught on and the band did in fact rise in popularity. quite a bit actually. so much so they were invited to a 60s music show called “sulphur scene”. i’ll leave what happens here for you to attend a live daughter of evil show and watch the great video the band has illustrating all this perfectly! its the perfect way to start their set!

so to recap; demon girls from the 60s, a king of hell, and rock and roll. oh, and tv show mysteries that take decades to unravel. let’s just say that the band is back and have begun to make live appearances again.

now a fair question once all the evil dies down would be – how is the music? ya know, maybe they were ported out of time from back in the 60s as the music does have that feel. there are even (2) songs available online to give you a taste of what to expect song wise. if you got spotify – like ’em and see where it goes. daughters of evil on spotify!

both flowers and raindrops, the 2 songs available currently, do a great job of not just capturing the 60s, but the theme of the band as well.

you can find the bands website on all the usual places. their own webpage, youtube, facebook and instagram.

the daughters of evil are:
Natasha Malone aka Mary Jane (guitar, bass, vox)
Jenessa Michelle Soto aka Mary Beth (guitar, bass, drums, vox)
Ariel Ditta aka Mary Sue (guitar, bass, drums, vox)

check ’em out and watch out for the projectile vomiting. you’ve been warned. (ok, no it doesn’t happen, intentionally, in a live show).

i’ll include raindrops here and you can find the other so you can make sure to like their social channels also.  🙂