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Changes in RenegadeRadio Coverage – Hang on Tight!

many many eons ago, just before covid broke and changed everything (it seems); i was on a roll taking pics of national bands that came through and reviewing their new releases. covid slowed down releases as bands couldn’t get together. tours stopped, so photography stopped also. we stayed home a lot and power slammed tv series after tv series for entertainment. will there be life after covid?

we all saw things slowly open up several years ago. wear masks, stay 6′ apart. limited capacity. all that jazz. but certainly no photographers in a pit. getting a show approval was harder than getting a date in my teen years.

or last week, i suppose.

then almost a year ago, it got better. slowly at first, but approvals were coming. not as fast as “hell no” but coming nonetheless. in this time i went to cover the local tribute scene. (a story for another day) cohort keith monson started shooting sports and has expanded our coverage here as well.

a bit of a look at what was to come, now that i think about it.

anyway, for me things turned around thanksgiving of 2022 when i was approved to shoot judas priest. HOLY SHIT! legendary, huh? it was all professional and it was all coming back to me. 2 cameras, in the pit, 3 songs and GTFO. but once again was able to get back to covering national bands.

approvals were hit and miss still but one change i did notice was now a “standard”. i was seeing it in concert photography facebook groups and well, about anywhere you normally go for these things.

sure approvals were coming back; but you had to work for a media outlet. no big deal for me so i kept at it and kept going. we’ve been at this for over 20 years and have a long history of being a part of the music scene. locally and nationally. we even recently expanded into sports with keith.

then, it began.

i was starting to get hit up through various places that solid photographers were wanting an outlet to shoot for.

“yo, renegaderadio; you got room for one more”?

took some thought at first because i do love the pit and have my eyes on some shows coming up. but i know i can’t do them all. i also know i don’t want to.

one thing that did happen when we silo’d up is renegaderadio became a reflection of my own tastes. we didn’t grow or change as we had in the past. we just kinda treaded water waiting for something better to come along.

so we talked to 2-3 of the more notable photographers out there and i’ve added their work to the MEDIA links on the main page. while we all share some common interests, we also have different roads of our own. cody grubbs is a young gun with a hell of an eye. he will mix it up with sports and bands closer to his own age group. ed sandoval is a bit of a dallas legend himself that will bring an energy that we’ve not felt since….

(darth vader reference if you didn’t catch it)

kelly hitt is still here and she will be shooting shows soon from both mainstream rock to her own euro-flair she’s so well known for. and keith, well, you’ve seen his work and that will most certainly continue.

and that’s all. i’ve had more ask but i wanted to start here and see where this goes. my own interests are changing as well and i’d like to cover some of the top country bands also. i mean, “renegade radio” kinda screams country, doesn’t it? so, like i’ve said many times in my own past; good music is good music.

isn’t that what it’s all about?

we may start adding shows back to reflect these differences. the 24×7 stream will always be something old, something new; but great music just the same. put your playlist aside and check that out.

in any event, thank you. thank you for listening to our station and being a part of the 25 years we’ve been doing internet radio.

and speaking of the local tribute scene, i think i’ll start showing that off a bit more.  🙂



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