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Anticipated Releases Coming in 2019

2018 is over. Done. Stick a fork in it and let’s see what we’ve got coming for 2019. For my last article of 2018 I’m going to cover some of the more anticipated released scheduled for 2019. Let’s see what we have in store for this year.

Liliac. I found this band while surfing youtube and they just made me stop and take notice. Melody, on vocals, just turned 17 and has vocal ability beyond her years. She’s got an edge that fits the bands driving rock style perfectly and hey, plays a mean bass. While you can today get a copy of some cover tunes they’ve done, it’s their original material that will pull you in with Chain of Thorns. This family band is young with a bright rock and roll future ahead of them and I can’t wait to see what they do in 2019. Oh, they’ll be starting off 2019 by playing in NAMM on Jan 25th. Yea, that NAMM. After that, we’re promised a new EP release of original music! ROCK ON!

We Are Harlot. So far with 2 incredible releases under their belts, rock and rollers Danny Worksnop of Asking Alexandria, Jeff George (Sebastian Bachs guitarist) formed We Are Harlot. They hooked up with Brian Weaver and Bruno Agra and formed a band that in my mind “went away” far too soon. It was 2015 we last heard from this group as Danny left Asking Alexandria to focus on this band.

I can honestly say that The “We Are Harlot” self titled release is one of my personal favorites. My prayers have been answered and we’ve gotten a sign of life from Facebook of all places. They’re back and set to release new material in 2019. They got some big shoes to fill and maybe we can land an interview to find out what’s been going on for the last 4 years. All I know is this one is on my “holy shit, it’s happening” list.

Speaking of things going quiet, our last update from a Renegade favorite Memory of a Melody was January 2017. Almost 2 years. THEY’RE BACK!!!!! only, their goal is to have the new release ready in 2020, not 2019. Maybe I’m jumping the gun, maybe I just don’t care. THEY’RE BACK!!!! Rest assured if these guys are going to take a year to do this, it will be EPIC!. Now to talk them into releasing teasers in 2019.

Staying with Renegade Radio favorites, Joey C Jones is kicking it with new music. Recently putting out tracks like Radiant in Record Time and Into the Down, The Joey C Jones band is sounding better than ever. Song writing tight and vocals, well I’ve honestly not heard Joey sound this good in a long long long time. While the guys wrap up 2018 at one of their favorite spots, Whiskey A Go Go in LA, we’re looking forward to see what else the guys are doing in the studio and will bring to us in 2019, live and in typical Joey C Jones stylin and profilin ways.

This brings us to my last pick of 2019; Blacktop Mojo. With I Am and Where the Wind Blows now under their belts, this band has done something no other band has done; took “icepicks twice. (I’m sure this is a plaque on their wall, btw) You can simply tell when the chemistry is right with a band and everything is clicking in all the right ways and that’s whats happening for these guys.

They’re going to end 2019 at Texas Music City grill in Lindale, TX and unfortunately I am not able to make the show itself. But in looking ahead on their calendar, while I won’t be able to make their next show, I couldn’t be happier for the guys as they’ll be playing “ShipRocked” out of Galveston, TX. Between all this the guys are in the studio working on brand new music for us in 2019 and if you catch them at a live show, I’m sure they’ll do a song or two. Even if they don’t, I’m even more sure it will be a night to remember. This band just has it.

What are you looking forward to in 2019? Send me some band links for some great new rock and roll and let’s get busy pimping the good stuff! That’s we do around here at Renegade Radio. Let’s say goodbye to 2018 and hit up youtube and look for the above bands. You’ll soon see why I’m anxious as hell to hear what these bands are bringing the world of Rock and Roll.


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