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Around Dallas – Heading into the Heat Wave – 2 Week Wrap up through 8-13-23

Last few weekends have been putting the heat to this iceberg and not really in a good way. The Texas summer can be a beating to artists and musicians who are asked to perform outdoor shows. But if bands like Chicago Tribute Authority, Metal Shop, the Breast Cancer Can Stick It band and Slim Chance can take it, I’ll be there to cover them!

Last weekend were back to back shows with Chicago Tribute Authority (CTA) Thursday at Grandscape and they delivered their usually stellar performance. Friday found me Lava Cantina for MetalShop and the Breast Cancer can Stick It band with head warrior April Samuels on the drums continuing her push for this magnificent cause.

This weekend the outdoor show was Slim Chance at Watters Creek in Allen TX. This is the 2nd year I’ve covered the band and both times, it was a great show and fun for all in the audience. A smaller outdoor venue with grass seating and some stone pathways to seat yourself on as well, you can sit back and simply enjoy the energy of the band. Should the mood hit, you can also dance and “express yourself” on the lawn as well. This year I could only shoot for 30 minutes before the sun said YOU’RE DONE (as in sapping all my energy AND removing all light from the premises). So I had more of a chance to simply sit back and enjoy the set and save myself from the still 100+ degree temps.

The bands, unfortunately, are not so lucky and I can only sit and admire their stamina as they brave another Texas summer.

I did get (2) indoor gigs in with one taking a drive to Keller, TX to see it. (and it was WELL worth it!) Sapphire Dreams is a new duo of Lori Carlyle with her “wonder woman” vocals and Juergen Horn on keyboards.  No pics from this show – sometimes I do go just to watch a show and not “work it”.

The other was Rokken at the local hangout T’s. As usual, if you need your Dokken fix, these are your guys! Always a high energy show and perennial crowd pleaser for the local fans!

Summer is wrapping up and outdoor gigs are HOPEFULLY about to get less stressful for us all. Hell, next week I see some highs ONLY in the upper 90s. Winter can’t be too far away, right? Please?

Get out there and support your local artists!