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holy hell – i missed a wakeland release?

the 90s offered a lot of things to the world. the shift from hair metal to grunge was disappointing as ladies went from skirts and stilettos to combat boots and fatigues, but hey; a different issue i suppose. music did morph some after that phase and straight ahead rock also became in vogue. that was far more my own style so in this time i came across wakeland.

over the years i stayed with the band, picking up wanting from 1993 and then to see the sun from 1994. hell, i even picked up blur from 2003. it was around here life happened and i lost track of a lot of it. over time i’d invite some memories out to play and wakeland was a continued memory to hang with. for some reason though, i never got to see them live.

i’ll get to my reliving that disappointment here shortly.  (DAMMIT)

in any event, i was cruising through my spotify playlist today and found wakeland and HUZZAH – a drive by memory hits me. i check out their page, find them on Facebook and son of a bitch; they got a new one out. Well, in 2019 but still pretty new. I dive on over itunes and snag it as well as blurred from 2006. did i mention i lost track of life for awhile?

i’ve got it playing in the background as i reminisce and i feel so at home here. while we’re 13 years from their last release, the core of why i remember this band is so alive and well in their latest music. while all their music is solid, there is always a few that hit the feelz and rise to the top.

with the 2019 release, don’t listen to your head, it’s wakeland all over again; just as i remembered.

to me one of the best things in music is the “discovery” phase. while i’m long past that with wakeland, i don’t want to get in the way of that for others. hopefully i do get to introduce people and new fans to these old friends of mine. with that in mind, i typically only discuss a couple of songs that slapped said feelz around; but this release makes that hard as they’re getting pretty bitch slapped by some wonderful music this morning.

feels alright tonight is a great way to start things off. Upbeat, great straight ahead guitars, and the vocals you can’t get in many other places. yep. this is the wakeland i know and love.

can you get on is just going to be one of the “haunting” songs from this release.

keeping you in mind is one i’d love to ask the band “al’right, what’s the story here”? gonna spend a lot of future time getting to know this one.

coming down the back half of the release, i feel i’ve already said too much but raise me up came on next and i’m just smiling with that amazing feeling inside that only music can ever find. expand past note of future time on a song to include this entire release.

and i’ve already said too much so no more mention of songs.  rest assured there’s more to find and my money says you’ll be spending a lot of time on your own getting to know wakeland. Start at 1993 and work your way to 2019 or start here and work you way back. you’re gonna love what you find.

check ’em out. if you’re one of the lucky ones who has a ticket to their july 24th show in dallas, i officially say “i am jelly”. and i never say that. almost never, it would seem.

wakeland everyone. go out and discover your own personal favorite band.


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