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August Icepick – Eva Under Fire

after all these years wandering around on this planet since the 60s, there’s one thing i’ve never gotten tired of; discovering great music. now what i call “great” has matured over the years, to be sure. times shows you a lot and after you’ve seen so much, you get harder to impress. eva under fire certainly has reached that status.


lets drop back to 2015 and their first release, anchors. someone went into overdrive to put 14 songs on a debut release. i have to think the band had a hard time cutting it down TO 14 songs.

not going to recap 14 songs and tell you my face melted off 3 times, but i will tell you this simply an amazing debut. from song to song you progress into different styles and approaches without ever losing your core sound. maybe to me that is the hardest thing for any band to master.

being different while being the same,  with that is consistent through the entire release.

impressive indeed.

what is really impressive is the range singer amanda lyberg displays. soft and haunting to hard and punk in very short order. but again, the entire band shifts styles and moods together so well.

the first release ends with “drift” and by the time you get this far, you can use the slower change of space and simply do as suggested, drift.

2016 rolls around and the band puts 7 more out. half as many but every bit as good. most excellent evolutionary step and we end with a slow/slower song again in good morning misery. love it.

next on spotify, i find “heavy on the heart”, 2018. 3 songs but great to see the band has not lost their touch and simply carries on.

and hey – we end on a slow note again; but i dig these moments. reaffirmation you found a new favorite band and “the strong” joins many others from the band on the personal playlist.

2020 we got heroin(e) and just a single. i’d get a bit scared we were slowing down on the releases but here comes 2021 and eva under fire cranks out their strongest effort yet in blow.

this amazing up and coming band struck gold to be on the skillet tour in september and will even be passing through dallas. i’m certainly going to contact skillet and beg for another photo pass and damn straight i’ll be there to see this bands energy live and hopefully up close.

get impressed; get some eva under fire onto your playlist.

the band:
Amanda Lyberg – Vocals
Rob Lyberg – Guitar
Corey Newsome – Drums
Chris Slapnix – Guitar/Vocals
Ed Gawlik III – Bass/Vocals

a few videos


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