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icepicks – thrilldriver releases ‘i confess’

frontwoman for thrilldriver, a rock ‘n f’in roll band from new york f’in city, zoe friedman and i have been friends since she cornered me in e-mail one day (not an easy feat, mind you) and we discussed the pros and cons of using skulls for band logos. while that conversation never really got settled (to skull or not to skull is a personal choice we respect either way), one thing is for sure; i became a serious fan of her and the band that day.

i quickly snatched up their first release, sacha, from 2015 and was able to see the self titled released and snatched it up day 1 also. i must admit “carry me” (their release from 2020) slipped by me but as soon as i knew of it’s existence, added to the collection and in rotation.

the video for carry me (shown below), much like the song, was one of the few bright spots of 2020. the creativity for the video is simply off the charts and fits the band pefectly.

you’ll get the full head on 80s fun party vibe instantly. if you lived it,  like i said, you’ll “feel” it. i lived it, i damn sure feel it. thrilldriver simply captures that time and feeling so well. friedmans vibrato and powerful melodic voice will simply hypnotize you into submission. today, i confess hits the streets and i gotta say, i’m falling in love all over again. it happens with this band, ya know? i confess, much like the band, simply feels like home.

one day i’ll make it to new york for a show (and hopefully be approved for a photo pass) or the world will wake up and give this band the credit they deserve and they can hit the world via tour and i can catch them several times.

check out thrilldrivers latest and then do yourself a favor and flip around on youtube to see their other videos and hear more of their music. or simply tune in. i’m sure we got one coming up soon here on renegaderadio!



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