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Liliac – October Icepick

I don’t do this every day. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I’ve done it. Finding a band I instantly fall in love with that is. There I was bouncing around youtube killing time. I find this band from California by the name of Liliac doing Crazy Train and they simply nailed it. I needed more so I did want I don’t normally do and I dove all in. I checked out all I could find on the Liliac, liked ‘em on facebook and got with them about getting their new song ‘Chain of Thorns’ for the site.

Face it, I’m hooked. And I certainly don’t do this every day.

The first thing you can’t help but notice is there’s a wide range of ages in the band but the oldest would be Sam on lead guitars at 19. From there we have Aby on drums, Melody doing the amazing vocals and bass, and then things get interesting as while the band is young to be sure, they’re rounded out by 11 year old Ethan on guitars and 10 year old Justin who gave up comedy it would seem to play keyboards.

The next thing you notice is that they’re a family. 3 brothers and 2 sisters and a father who uses his past to propel their future. Everything else you notice is going to be all about the music and how well they do it.

Once you really understand the background, you can’t help but be more impressed than you already likely were. Impressed enough to haul myself to amazon and get their release, Route 66. This consists of covers that range from Pat Benatar, Grace Slick, Joan Jett and others that show a wide cross section of tastes that centers on just damn good music. Hell they end it with some Romantics. Surf around the store and pick up the other available covers like Enter Sandman and Crazy Train (my personal introduction into the band).

While I just listed some very prominent names for artists in the music industry’s history, trust me in that Melody pulls it off. She makes these songs her own with some haunting power vocals that leave an amazing impression.

There’s just a contagious energy about Liliac that rests in the music itself. Their original song Chain of Thorns is the best .99¢ I’ve spent since that would get a full meal at McDonalds. The song is much better money spent as it will last forever. Each and every member plays the part and you can tell simply loves what they’re doing. They do the one thing a band must do to succeed – they pull you into their world of music and remind you why you love music so much to begin with.

People say rock and roll is dead. Hell Verizon pisses me off every time I have to hear that damn commercial where they bag on the dude for streaming metal to his phone. These *are* the times we live in. But if you pay attention, even sometimes on youtube, you’ll find bands like Liliac. This band is here to remind the world of Rock and Roll is doing just fine, thank you very much.

Amazon – Route 66

Some great info on the bands background: (and a quick shot of their fathers video!)

Chain of Thorns


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