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Icepicks for August – Whiskey Myers

I gotta say, sometimes you find your new favorite band in the strangest of places. My introduction to Whiskey Myers was in a dive bar of all places. This fiery redhead was looking for trouble and an older gentlemen kept falling for her games. She got him punched 2 times in about a minute before he high tailed it out of the bar before more blood got in the water and more cowboys decided to take a swing.

Before long (well I’m sure it took hours but it didn’t seems as much as this unfolded) another cowboy came up and seemed to know her game, all to well. He just didn’t play it but that seemed to keep them both on a very unique relationship that will be fun to watch in the coming weeks. Every Wednesday night on Paramount, that is. You see, I’m describing a scene in Yellowstone, televisions saving grace these days as Kevin Costner falls into his older years in full force in a role built for him. The show itself is amazing and will many times have you on the edge of your recliner unable to take a sip of that beer until the scene finishes.

Anyway – back to the reason for this write up, Whiskey Myers. The band that was playing in the bar for that scene was Whiskey Myer. Normally I just go “yea, cool” for scenes like this cause the background music it well suited for just that; background music. For this, however, it was a whole new game as I paid less attention to the scene itself and kept listening to the band on the stage. They simply had *it*. Yes country but you can’t miss the swagger and attitude. During my show last night Stone off Mud was requested and I did a double take and had to look it up to be sure. In listening to stone on Amazon (where you can buy this wonderful album, btw!) I was like “holy hell this is Yellowstone.

Sure enough, my friend listening verified he felt the same way when watching Yellowstone – who is this Whiskey Myers? He looked it up while I keep getting old and forgetting to do things more often and now this morning I’m streaming Mud off Amazon (no more ‘zon pimping, I swear but go listen yourself through any source you have, or just buy it – worth it!) and digging the hell out of the sound.

Country to their core, but you can hear some rock vibes in there and blues sneaks in when it can. But if I could put this band with Bleu Edmonson for a show that would be an amazing night. Throw on some Blacktop Mojo and holy hell, that’s a show! As it is, I’ve located their tour schedule and looking to hit Waco in October and have put in early for a photo pass. Either way this is going to be a family event that is likely to make me wish I was still drinking.

By now I’m down to song 4 on the release and still every bit as impressed as I was when I first heard them on Yellowstone a few weeks ago, back in that dive bar. Before this day is done I’ll own most of their releases cause I do believe in supporting the music you love.

Speaking of love, Stone just came up and I can promise you this will be a song you fall in love with. It’s everything a song is supposed to be. Engaging, thought provoking, emotional moments and it’s one of those you’ll just close your eyes and drift off into your own memories and let the world go for just a little bit. You know, everything a song is supposed to be.

Along comes Frogman and maybe it’s early still but I hear a touch of Nugent “Stranglehold” in the guitars. Like I say, there’s a rock vibe and overall attitude in this sound. That’s what sets bands apart and this band is certainly able to stand on their own, pull you into their stories and help you create a few of your own while they provide some of the soundtrack to your life these days.

The rest of the release solidifies why this band stands out and made my list of bands I need to see live soon. Being the aging introvert I am that’s no small feat anymore. The photo pass would just be an added bonus and a welcome addition to the list of bands I have been fortunate enough to photograph over the years. Either way this band has a new fan and if you give them 5 minutes (or cheat and just listen to the Stone video below) and you’ll be a fan too.

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