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Another Day Dawns – A Different Life

Another Day Dawns is another shining example of talent that my friend Tom George of Tag Publicity sends me on a regular basis. After a quick viewing of their video Psycho, I asked for the rest so I could check it out. I love getting in on the up and coming music the rest of the world just hasn’t found yet.

Found another one!

Based out of Pennsylvania, Another Day Dawns is a 4 piece band with Dakota Sean on vocals, Tyler Ritter on guitar, Livi Dillon on bass and Nick McGeehan slammin the drums. Certainly hard rock, but in a very “complete” version of it. There’s a blend here of many influences, anywhere from Ugly Kid Joe to Puddle of Mudd and several stops in between. At least I can hear that.

It’s done so very well.

There’s an “intro” to this EP that gives you an idea of what’s coming. A bit slow, a certain build up to high energy, and in the end, a hell of ride you’ll get back on time and time again. Your music collection will find new favorite with Another Day Dawns “A Different Life”.

Psyhco itself is something different to be sure. Full of power and a touch of rage with a video that weaves in and out of the depths of your own imagination. Psycho certainly gets my attention by getting “in my face” so to speak, but it’s the rest of the release I’ve fallen in love with.

All of Me is so very different from Psycho you have to wonder where *that* band went. I would say it’s become my favorite song off A Different Life but to be honest, it’s 5 way tie. If Psycho represents how hard this band can go (and it is a very good example of that) All of Me shows you the other side.

And a very good example of that, too.

Empty is a “controlled” intensity that carries a focus and purpose without losing their identity. The “outro” is where you’ll simply close your eyes and see your own memories.

Broken comes along and we kick things back into gear, taking an emotional shift yet again on a roller coaster of experiences. Rage puts it all together from the melodic fire to driving guitars found sprinkled throughout this release.

Rest assured Another Day Dawns is now a permanent part of our rotation. You’ll also hear them weekly on my own show, the icehouse. Listen to “A Different Life” once and you’ll listen to it a thousand times or more before you’re done.

Welcome to Renegade – I know I’m going to enjoy your stay here.  😊




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