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Review – Another Day Dawns – Stranger

Closing in on a year since my review of Another Day Dawns previous release, A Different Life, they’re back. Psycho, I believe, was the single from that release and set the tone of a hard rock band with grunge mixed in. Stranger, to release Jan 31st, picks up where A Different Life left off.

Recorded at the world famous Dark Horse Studios in Franklin, Tennessee, and produced by Joe Rickard (Red, Starset, Manafest, Joyous Wolf), the album’s release follows closely behind Another Day Dawns’ 2019 show lineup; including hometown performances in and around Northeastern Pennsylvania and alongside ISSUES during their BEAUTIFUL OBLIVION US TOUR.

Opening with Beautiful Suicide, the harder rock tones hit you from the very first note. Fast guitars, driving beat, yea ok. I’m awake. Yep; this is certainly the band I recall and slapped into our rotation immediately after finishing writing that last review.

Looks like I’ve got a few more songs to add.

Am I, next up on the song rotation for me here, again shows the band doesn’t find a “sound” and use it time and time again. Still driving rock in nature, they mix it up. I view a band so differently when I hear their range in the music but keep their core. Am I certainly broadens the sound capabilities of the band and the guitar solo? Hello! The fade and back to the question Am I is going to make me put this one on repeat.

Taste of Heaven – oh yea. I’m home. Dakota’s vocals and a lone guitar kick this off and we simply jump right into the music, mixing things up along the way, but again keeping the feel Another Day Dawns has established for themselves.

Never Okay. Hey, I’m a sucker for the slow ones and this one starting off that way to be sure. Dakota comes in and starts to tell his story of living from the outside in. I suggest you focus on the lyrics here and work to understand the meaning behind the words. This is a fantastic example of trying to explain how we feel inside and deal with the world around us. The mood is set with the vocals and words, and brought home with the music.

“No one knows the other side, the other side of me.”

I instantly put “Never OK” up there with Billy Squier, Nobody Knows. We all personal favorite songs in life and seems to echo our own emotional crisis at times. The artist says it better than we can ever explain and for that we love them.

Closing out this 5 song EP, Another Day Dawns goes closes out as they came in – rocking it and driving their message home. Forget Me Not is a great way to wrap up Stranger.

My only complaint, to be blunt, is it leaves me wanting more. Compliment or complaint, the end result is the same. Stranger isn’t even officially out yet, but I am ready for their next release. For now, on Jan 31st, make sure you head out to iTunes or the bands site to find Stranger and add this solid release to your collection as quickly as possible.


The Band:
Dakota Sean: Lead Vocals
Tyler Ritter: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Josh Mercado: Bass
Nick McGeehan: Drums

And – this isn’t “live” until Jan 31st, so I can’t even see it until then. But, after that, check it out and hit their youtube page. You can watch the premier and chat with other fans!



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